March 10, 2011

All Tied Up | The World of Domination

Well, it has been one of those weeks for me. Thankfully I have tomorrow off, so I will be dedicating some of my time to my website, and some to finally getting those video blogs rolling. I have some great ideas, I think. Now I just need the time to get to them.

I’m also really looking forward to having a date night with my hubby. I think we’re going to take in a fun adult trade show that is coming to town. We went last year and ended up spending way too much money on things with way too little fabric! But, it’s a very sexually charged night out and I can’t wait for a little adult time in my week.

Speaking of adult time, here's a little more insight into my formerly private sex life ...

"I’ve heard that some women fantasize about the idea of being sexually controlled (in a consensual way, of course). Have you ever been tied up during sex?"

Hmmm…well, just how much should I reveal about myself and my own little perversions? LOL

I’m a pretty open girl as a lot of you are learning. I’ve dabbled in a few different things and played around and most of you have pretty much been invited into my sex life thanks to my blog. And like so many other things, yes I have tried a little light bondage. Nothing painful or kinky mind you…just some nice, sexually teasing bondage … kind of what you get out of my latest video.

I’ve never been one to really get into the idea of domination - either being dominated or doing the dominating. I might do some photo sets that way, but “hard core” role playing isn’t something that is a big part of my libido.

But I do admit, there is a strange sensual feeling about being restrained while someone does some very sexual things to you. The biggest part to make sure that it is a turn-on is trust. I trust my husband to do only things that I’m OK with, and that are sexually exciting and not degrading. If you cross that line of trust, then it no longer is a truly sexual experience.

It’s really hot to be getting into the whole thing, surrendering myself so that my partner can tie me up. I prefer to be tied either on my back, spread eagle or my tummy. Nothing pretzelish. A few times I have been blindfolded, which really heightens the sense of not knowing what is coming next…not being able to see where your lover is headed, and then the slight surprising sensation as they touch you. It’s really erotic if my lover keeps moving, maybe one time kissing my lips, then lightly touching the inside of my thigh, then my breast, and so on. I love it when this kind of foreplay goes on and on before he even goes near that certain spot. If I’m really into it, by the time he does, I’m almost exploding. Then I’m practically begging for some action.

Andee     xoxo 

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