February 22, 2011

Erotica | A Good Read And Great Sex

I hope everyone had an awesome long weekend. I think most of us in North America had Monday off … ?

Day 24 - Velvet LBD
I spent a good part of the weekend with my head buried in school books. But I had the occasional opportunity to chat with some friends online and what-not. One special friend took me for a little virtual shopping - and you guys are going to absolutely love the results. I know he likes to spoil the special friends in his life, and it is very much appreciated - but I also hope he likes knowing the impact of what his desires have on a whole bunch of others. Trust me guys, those updates will rock your imagination!

Another friend was asking me this past weekend about what makes good “reading” for me when I am looking for something a little more sexually charged. Um … my blog? LOL

Ok, that might seem a bit too self-absorbed and I’m not really that way. We chatting about erotica and if I would ever try to put something like that to work in my blog; writing more about my fantasies from an erotic angle than just dishing like I have been “diary” style.
Day 23 - Animal Instincts

Still don’t know if I have an answer …

But when it comes to the idea of erotica, I think I have said before that I’m not really a “visual” person. For my imagination to really run away, I like a good story. Now, that’s not to say that I’m not turned on by watching … goodness, no. I love watching am have become a huge voyeur, especially now that my husband and I have been exploring a bit of fun as a couple with others.

But when I need to escape from the pressures of the day and want to nudge my imagination into a whole new place, a well-written piece of erotica will always do it for me. According to a survey performed by the Romance Writers of America (you know me and my surveys!), over 90 per cent of romance and erotica readers are women between 31 and 49 years old. I fit right in!
Day 22 - CFM Boots

My first exposure to erotica came along like so many others: I discovered my older brother’s stash of magazines in our barn, and among them was Penthouse. The letters section was amusing, to say the least. A couple even made me wish I was a student at a small Midwestern college who never thought it would happen to her …

Over time - mostly the past decade as my adventure has unfolded - I have discovered a few better places for erotica than some of those silly “letters.” My husband introduced me to stories for women by women with a series of books he got me for Christmas. And then we also discovered a website with thousands of stories - literotica.com. One Christmas my darling hubby recruited a few of the regular contributors to the site to write some custom stories for me. He then printed out what they had written and made a book for me.

Day 21 - Soft & Sexy
Those pages are now well worn ...

From what I’ve discovered on the subject, because the Internet offers a great deal of privacy and anonymity, women can enjoy erotica without the raised eyebrows that a book cover might create. I can just imagine sitting on the train for my daily commute with some sultry title in hand … then again, it might liven it up altogether! Hmm, maybe I should build a story around that very idea? Or is that too Penthouse Letters?

According to my trusty bookmark to Wikipedia: “In 2003, Neilsen Netratings noted that more than a quarter of all porn surfers were female. The first women's erotica subscription-based website, Purve, was launched in 1998.” I’m almost certain that figure is much higher today.

Day 20 - Hip Chick
The great thing about erotica is that these stories take us beyond the bedroom and into our fantasies, where we get laid on business trips, or at the Halloween masquerade party. In true erotica the sex scenes are there for the purpose of character development; unlike pornography, which does not have a plot line.

For me a well-written story has a plot and characters I can connect with. I don’t really go in for too much of the science fiction, or over-written heaving bosoms of period romance. I get into storylines where I can put myself in the main role, and wrap my brain around the ideas of what is happening. It doesn’t matter if it’s a “erotic encounter” type, cheating, same sex, or even a bit of non-consensual themes, if it is remotely believable, then I’m into it. Some of my personal favourite themes run along the lines of erotic encounters, either that unexpected business trip fantasy, or night club/party encounters where there is some obvious voyeurism as my husband (or others) watch the whole thing unfold as I lose my inhibitions.

Now that is what gets into my imagination! Care the share what goes on between your ears?
Andee      xoxo

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