January 11, 2011

TMI Tuesday

Today’s TMI Tuesday quickie comes courtesy of my blogger friend H – don’t forget to stop by his blog and tell him you caught me with my hands in my pants; or any other comment you would like to leave for him.

Anyway, since the weather is less than exciting, my commute is shoulder-to-shoulder with sniffling businessmen and old perverts trying to sneak a peek, this just made Tuesday a little easier to keep on track.

What book or magazine have you read recently that turned you on?
Hmm … I just finished a book about miraculous survivor stories from World War 2, so not that one. My next one is my textbook for a career-related regulatory course, so not that … probably the trashy stuff in Cosmo. I do like some of their crazy sex advice stories and the reader letters about embarrassing sex moments.

What sort of porn do you watch to get aroused?
When I am with my husband we watch pretty mainstream porn, the stuff with all the major porn stars like Jenna Jamison. When I am alone, I like to surf a variety of things online, mostly amateur clips shot in voyeur style … and sometimes when I am incredibly horny (of late) I sneak a more than a few peeks at some interracial stuff. What can I say; I’m curious, you know.

What porn website is your favorite?
Then I will follow that up with literotica.com because I enjoy reading some of the entries. As much as I like amateur porn, I also like the non-professional erotica.

What music do you like to have on while having sex?
Actually, I’m not really into having music on during sex. As a great majority of my sexual experiences come in moments that outright screaming in passion, moaning to wake the neighbours and rockin’ the pad are not exactly an option. (You see, I lived at home with family, and then moved into a college house with four roommates, and these days have young children …) I find things like music and television a bit distracting. Plus I like to talk to my partner and I love it when the guy (or girl) I’m with talk dirty to me. I think the less distractions there are, the more intensely I can focus on making that sexual moment the most incredible it can be. Not to mention, don’t you want to hear me in my moment of total orgasmic ecstasy instead of whiny pop tart?

When masturbating do you prefer:
  A) reading smut
  B) imagination
  C) watching porn
  D) I don't masturbate (haha)
Imagination all the way. Reading and watching have played their parts during some solo moments, but the mind is the best sex toy around!


CB said...

I love literotica.com!!!

H said...

Yeah Cosmo is way out there LOL. I agree with you music is just a distraction during sex besides who has time to turn the music on anyways, our hands are way to busy.