January 10, 2011

Experience Just Makes Me Curious

Well, everything started out with good intentions today … but now I’m staying home with a sick little boy. Never a fun thing because you feel like you want to want to make it all better, but most of the time, you have to let nature take its course.

At least it gives me some uninterrupted time to blog, chat and catch up with things that have gotten way too far behind.

One of my online friends was chatting with me about the whole “curious” thing, and what remains for me to discover/uncover/explore.

I'm a very curious person. Not just about sex, but about life experience, having fun - things in general. I'm not really one to deny that anymore. Life is too short for hang-ups and I think healthy curiosity is what makes life interesting. When it comes to sexuality, exploring, trying new things and sharing thoughts, ideas, photos - it can all really direct the imagination in certain directions.

And what it is, really? A chance to get an answer to something that has you intrigued. Sometimes you find the one you want, and sometimes you don’t. What is Forrest Gump says: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you might get.” Some chocolates become your favourites, others only get eaten once.

One of the big issues is to figure out just where your own curiosities lay. The beginning is as simple as asking yourself what is it that intrigues you, or what experiences are you passionate about? The buzz word these days seems to be ‘bucket list.’ And yes, I have one of my own. I've shared a few of them here in this blog; and will probably continue to write stuff about them as a way to keep them on the horizon. Sometimes life experience takes a careful bit of financial planning too!

But I’m not discouraged by those that seem out of reach in that sense. I honestly think the potential to uncover new experiences is there for everyone. That is just something a couple needs to really be open about with each other if they want to go for it.

My husband and I are open about so much when it comes to the pursuit of our curiosities. Are there limits? Sure; just like there was when I began this whole adventure of mine a few years back. Exploring new things, like the whole photography thing for me, was a liberating experience. Like many of you, I have many of my own insecurities about my body and what others think. But I've also learned to see that this whole internet thing is an excellent escape - and a great ego boost when it's needed. To know that there are men (and hopefully women) who enjoy what they get to see on here is exciting.

I think it's very healthy to be curious about certain experiences that may be new or territory that has only been explored by members of the opposite sex. Fantasies are healthy in a relationship as long as they can be shared between people who love each other. I share all of mine with my husband and he with me.

So, enjoy each other and share your thoughts, curiosities, desires and dreams ... then share them with me dammit! LOL

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Snake said...

Curiosity didn't kill the cat, being careless did! lol I really like this post, because you talk about curiosity in the broad sense . . . Curiosity is one of those things that keeps us engaged in life, and looking forward and learning . . . When we explore, it raises other questions worthy of more curiosity and exploration . . . Every question answered leads to new opportunities to explore, no matter the subject of our curiosity . . . Hopefully, you'll never lose that curiosity about life . . . Great post!