January 25, 2011

Tartan | The schoolgirl look gets its day?

For anyone who has an affection for tartan, Happy Robbie Burns Day. Now, I hardly expect that hundreds of years ago, the Scottish poet would have had any idea of the effect tartan has on you men in these modern times.

Andee Tartan By Special Request
Of course, I’m not really referring to the idea of the traditional kilt (although, yes, I do have an authentic one bought for me by my mother-in-law a number of years ago – I guess she figured I could use one that didn’t resemble my old school uniform). I am referring to the delightful fetish that has emerged with the advent of the miniskirt, and a Catholic schoolgirl’s ability to roll the waistband of her tartan uniform in such a fashion that the hemline becomes dangerously high. All on purpose mind you.

Here in Canada, one of our federal politicians is proposing an official National Tartan Day. Don’t confuse me knowing this with any kind of political insight; I only know it because my hubby mentioned it this morning. Like me, he has a slightly twisted view of this. I’ve got a very healthy dose of Italian in my blood, he’s as English as they come … so neither of us have any direct connection to Scotland. However, I did look it up and there are 4,719,850 people of Scottish decent in Canada … so maybe a lot of support for the proposal.

The humour in the idea, for my hubby’s perverse little mind, is that we could have an official day where women could dress like schoolgirls, wearing their tartan kilts to the office, etc. He said imagine how that would go over …

When my husband first met me (prepare yourself for the scandal…) I was still in high school, and still very much a typical Catholic schoolgirl. Later, when we began dating, he shared his fascination with me over the uniform. Thankfully I was still able to squeeze my behind into that uniform on occasion just for him (and a few thousand visitors to my website where it has resurfaced in more ‘legal age’ photos). Every now and then it pays to slip on a little mini-kilt and torment him into submission.

I guess he figures that a national day of recognition might be a worthy cause to get behind. According to my extremely scientific research (I Googled), the schoolgirl look remains firmly in the Top 5 Most Popular Costumes for women, so there may be a substantial amount of support by Canadian men.

And apparently, the unofficial Tartan Day remains a top priority in my household …


H said...

I like how your husband thinks

Andee said...

Thanks "H"
I have to say, I think I do as well. A national day where we can torment the heck out of all you guys. I kind of like it...

Ricco said...

Very cute!!!