January 27, 2011

Facebook | Checking Out The Ex

Are you one of the guilty ones? I know I am …

I have to confess that I am like 75% of those one Facebook that check out ex-boyfriends. We got started talking about this because one of the morning shows on the radio here in the city was talking about it today. The one host of the show refuses to have anything to do with social media - only reluctantly writing his own blog because of work. He is constantly professing how things like Facebook are the reason many relationships fail.

Facebook Me Guys
Now, while I certainly don’t use my Facebook account as “Andee” to keep tabs - can you just imagine what those ex-boyfriends would think then! Sorry about your luck guys! - but I do use my “not-so-secret” identity to see how things have turned out for them, and what their families, etc. are up to. I grew up in a very small town, so it’s not hard to know a lot about people.

The show was discussing how so many people live these “secret” lives on Facebook, get busted by girlfriends/wives/employers and have to face the music.

It was interesting to learn that 76% of us visit some sort of social media site everyday - more than we actually check our personal e-mail! And according to the report the radio jocks were talking about, “Smart phones and laptops are the new toys that lead to the bedroom, it said, with nearly 80% of women and 58% of men saying social media tools leads to sex faster.”

Now is that "faster" sex ... or just getting to the act sooner?  ;-)

I have turned into a bit of junkie myself - maybe needing an intervention some days - and I’m not afraid to admit it. Not making excuses, but I find the opportunity to actually engage my imagination either as my plain, ol’ boring self, or under the “darkness” of being Andee, is a necessary evil. I think if I had to just sit and do nothing on the train for my commute each day, I’d go crazy … and yes, I do read quite a bit too.

Has social media replaced my actual “face time” with people. I don’t believe it has. In fact, I share so much more of what goes on in my mind and life on here than I could in a “normal” conversation. I’m just not ready to “come out” to everyone about my sexual expedition yet.

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