December 6, 2010

The First Time I Got Into The Swing

Hey everyone! Hmmm…Monday again :-( 

I'm not really that keen about another week. I always hate to let go of the weekend, especially when I've had a good time. But this week I can hope will go by fast. My husband and I made plans to catch up with some friends - that come with benefits! It's been a long time since we've been able to hang out together, and we're heading to one of our favourite clubs. Finally a Christmas party where I can have a glass of wine or two AND misbehave at the same time. Now I just have to sort out what to wear.

As we were making plans this past weekend to catch up with our friends, it kind of gave a moment to think back on how my life has kind of taken a crazy ride over the past decade. As I recently blogged about how my whole website thing developed, this particular experience also kind of grew from that.

When you spend time exploring this behind-closed-doors hobby in front of the camera and for the Internet, a lot of crazy things start to come from it. Of course, for us, it led to a lot of talk about our fantasies, and maybe opening ourselves up to try to make one or two become reality. And since the fantasy of becoming a millionaire overnight didn't happen, why not tempt sexuality and see what this whole "lifestyle" things is about.

Well, I can say that my husband and I thought long and hard before we even mustered up the courage to do it. We had read a lot about swingers clubs on the Internet, and also read a great book called “The Lifestyle." I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in exploring a more “hedonistic” marriage. It’s by a writer named Terry Gould. It definitely gives you an idea about what really goes on, and to a certain degree, helps you understand at what level you could be involved in it.

The first time we went to a swingers club, we drove around the block for at least a half hour before we went in. I had a vice-grip on my husband’s arm and was damn near shaking in my stilettos! I had bought this way-short sexy dress at a Fantasia party (see the pic). Even though it was short and revealing, I was still overdressed. One of the first people we saw was a lady in just a pair of heels and a thong! Now keep in mind, being topless in public is legal in Ontario.

The actual night in question
After we had been there a while, and the nerves settled, we really enjoyed ourselves. Since that first time, we’ve been to a few different clubs and have found one that really fits our personality and tastes. To be honest, they are just like a regular nightclub, except there’s a lot more flesh and the guys are much better behaved. Clubs in Ontario are called “off-premise” meaning no sex is allowed on-site (sure, sure). Women really rule the roost, which made me feel so much more comfortable.

The first time we went, when we finally left and were driving home, we had to stop…found a secluded road and sex in a cornfield. Everytime I noticed my handprints on the trunk of my car, it brought back those very fond memories! But even before we had gotten to that stage I had brought myself to two amazing orgasms in the front seat of the car because we were so horny. It was also the very first time I had been topless in public. My husband was slow dancing with me at the club and slowly worked the straps of my dress down. It was very liberating.

I was so worried that we would go and all these “icky” men would be hitting on me, and salivating all over the place, but it was nothing like that at all. In fact, in all the times we have been to clubs since, there has only been one time where my hubby had to be a little less than polite to anyone. And even then, he just asked the guy to leave our table…and he did. Mostly the men are there for the ride. The women are pretty wild and crazy, and there’s an awful lot of girl-girl action to watch on the dance floor (and the occasional darkened corner).

I would highly recommend you give it a try. You don’t have to be swingers to go, just a couple (as most clubs we’ve found do not allow single men into the club) and have some fun getting all sexy with each other. 



H said...

Your blog is fast becoming my favorite, you intrigue me and remind me of my former girlfriend from high school, you actually look a little like Heather.

Your also making me want to go to a swinger club.
Keep blogging sexy

Andee said...

Thanks so much H ... I'm glad that my ramblings have intrigued someone! LOL