April 27, 2013

Relationships | The Other Side of the Stats

I’m curious. I’ve been reading a few of those horrible trashy women’s magazines lately and there’s a lot of information I’ve discovered – which I love to share on Twitter – but, at the same time, makes me realize that the debate is very one-sided.

The other day, for example, I read an older article about how almost 92 per cent of women considered a man sharing a photo of his junk in a text message with another woman outside of his relationship constituted “cheating.”

And another statistic said that 98 per cent of women felt that if a man had old-fashioned phone sex with another woman it was cheating.

OK, as a woman, I can kind of see that.

But I have to wonder what men think. Not so much what they might be thinking if they are the ones sending the photo or making the phone call, but what do they think if it was their wife or girlfriend behaving like that? Would the same percentage of men agree?

It’s an interesting situation for me on a personal level as well. In the past I have shared rather suggestive photos with men I didn’t know – until I figured it was a lot easier to tell them just to visit my website for that kind of fun. And I have also had phone sex with a man that was not my husband … while I was married; but that was also in the early days of my sexual adventure and there was a lot yet to be discovered along the way.

With where my sexual psyche is at within my marriage these days – and the fact that my husband and I have evolved in both our relationship trust and perspective over the past 23 years – I’m not certain that I’m a good candidate to expand on how someone might react. Frankly, if it was my husband that was getting into all of that with another woman, I would want to be right there holding his hand along the way!

I wonder; have women become that brave? We hear about men initiating and participating in this kind of behavior all the time; but they need someone at the other end to play along. And when they get caught, it’s usually the woman who is blowing the whistle on them. Do men find themselves on the other side of the idea very often? And if so, who are these women they're getting involved with?

Very curious, indeed.
Andee     xoxo

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