March 23, 2012

TFIF | Inspired By A Word Prompt

Yesterday, while nestled into the rather unbending seat on my morning train, I was looking around at some of the other tweets and blogs that I like to keep up on. One of my usuals - Gemma Jones - was sharing this idea for TFIF which I found really interesting. I can relate to a lot of what Gemma has written and shared because, like me, she is opening up her sexual adventure for you to enjoy. Life is meant to be explored, and it makes me feel a little less "alone" when I know there are many others out there that see it as an adventure, not just a condition.

And, as someone who struggles some days to bring you something intriguing to read, the idea of having to write an entry based on a single word struck me as the kind of challenge I could really put my libido to!

I suspect others will have their own take - some fictional, some erotic - mine is just going to be the naughty thoughts that swirl around (like that is a big leap anyway). I hope you like it.

This week's word:


When I think of that word, it takes me back to an old house that had those doors with the "Hollywood" keyholes that you could see through. And these days, I wonder how much fun one of those could be in fulfilling both mine and my husband's voyeuristic fantasies. So, here are a few of the things I would love to see through the keyhole:

1. My husband with another woman
Strangely, this is my fantasy more than his. But it also helps me understand why he was so supportive and caring about me to achieve mine last week. I would love to watch him as he does all those wonderful things to another see his hands touch her all over, to watch her reactions through the foreplay. It would be an incredible experience for me to watch him get oral. I would love to watch her face at the moment he slides into her, and then to watch his sexy butt. I would love to see him at the moment of climax...there's just too many hot things about what I would like about this!

2. My husband masturbating
I know this is something that a lot of men are not very comfortable with sharing. I think I kind of understand; guys have been "taught" that self-gratification is a very private thing - and for many, a very dirty, sinful thing. Some men I know think women see masturbation as a sexual dysfunction: why would you do that when I am here, am I not good enough for you ... etc. When, in fact, it is a very normal and healthy activity - that I just happen to love seeing men do!

3. Another couple having sex
It has been a long time since I have been able to watch this...and that last time was a bit of a scramble as there were four of us in bed, each with our own partner and each doing pretty much the same thing. I would love to just be able to watch. And this is so much better than the typical "put in a porn flick." I want to be able to see all the little nuances of the moment, how she pushes her heels into the mattress as he thrusts into her...the beads of hear the moans and passion they share in the moment.

4. Another woman cumming
As someone who is only recently becoming a bit more comfortable with this being a 'public' act, I am also a little 'double standard' about it still. But to watch another woman bringing herself to orgasm - heck even without a vibrator - is something absolutely delicious that I would love to be a part of.

5. Someone peeking at me
If you haven't noticed by now - after all my blogs, tweets and 10 years of posting on my wesbite - that I have a little exhibitionist in me ... well ... you're missing out! It has long been a fantasy of mine to have someone watch me have sex. It's a very exciting fantasy that, despite already being a reality for me, continually gets me going. It's why I have mirrors in my bedroom.

There you go, some wonderfully voyeuristic thoughts on what I would like to see through one of those old-fashioned keyholes. Now, I'm off to Home Depot to see if they still make them!
Andee     xoxo


Gemma Jones said...

Sometimes I read your blog and it just resonates so much with me. I wish you lived in the next suburb not on the other side of the world and we could go for coffee together.

I love you picture and I love your fantasies. I have to say my favourites are Number 2 and Numer 4.

deepttrout said...

I woke this morning a bit earlier than i glanced through all the last posts of the day...I noticed yours....and I am soooo glad i decided to read it even as my eyes grew wasn't long before I sat up straight to pay better attention...thank you for sharing your private thoughts with us. If you ever need a willing participant...look me up.