March 22, 2012

Fantasies | What Men Really Want ... ?

Surely you guys are getting bored with all the blogging lately about sexual fantasies, but it's been hard to get so many of these thoughts out of my head.

But, despite all that, it has also given me a great opportunity to learn a lot more about what makes us tick when it comes to the reality of a fantasy. We all have those thoughts that will just never be anything more than a bit of brain flirting ... I mean, I can turn my fantasy about my Office Guy into a reality, but I doubt very much that my threesome with Jennifer Aniston is ever going to materialize.

So what is it that we really fantasize about when it comes to achievable goals? First up is a little piece of an article I found when I was trying to figure out what it is that you men really think about when it comes to some realistic action.

Call it daydreaming, call it fantasizing ... call it a very healthy pastime! 

With a little embellishment from me – after a intriguing couple of months learning all about what turns guys on – the top five things that men really fantasize about – and that will keep him rushing back for home cooking, rather than hitting the local bar for take-out sushi.

Blow The Man Down
Unexpected, non-reciprocal oral sex. Men want head. They just don’t ask for blowjobs as often as they would, because they think you’ll demand immediate sexual gratification in return. Plus, they are worried you’ll turn them down. So, every so often when he doesn’t expect it, walk up to him, give him a kiss, get down on your knees, give him a blowjob, then zip him back up and go back to what you were doing – without saying a word. He’ll think you love his cock and you are the best partner he’s ever had in his entire life.

Andee's thoughts: I asked my husband about this because he is constantly telling me about how incredible my oral talents are. He said this is probably the one thing that occupies his mind when we are apart, and of all the places he can imagine me giving him one.

Bring A Friend
Thinking about you with another woman. No, you don’t have to actually eat the furry chalice in front of him or seduce one of your girlfriends. He just wants to be able to think about you doing so. Therefore, when you are in bed or want to get him into bed, tell him about a time you “experimented” in college tripping the clit fantastic. Don’t worry if you never actually did so. This is a time when it’s completely OK to lie to him. Just make sure you invent a person and don’t talk about someone he’s going to run into in real life. If talking about this makes him want you to try it again, simply tell him that once you had sex with him, you realized that dick was the only thing you ever wanted. Then, give him a blowjob.

Andee's thoughts: I would never encourage telling a lie to my partner in bed, for fear that he ever learned it, he would question everything – including the honestly amazing stuff. Well, unless you can tell an incredible story about what you would do to Jennifer Aniston without using your hands! Seriously, find someone to experiment with just once in your life; make it a bucket list item. You might be surprised just how delicious it actually is to make another woman clutch at the mattress and arch her back all because of what you can do with your tongue!

'You're Such A Stud!'
Believing you are always thinking about sex with him. He wants to think that he is such a stud that you are doing nothing with your life other than thinking about his dick. Really. This is an easy fantasy to satisfy. A couple times a day, send him a dirty text message. If you are daring, send him a dirty picture to his cell phone. Can’t think of what to say in your dirty text message? Here’s a few suggestions: “I can’t wait to suck your cock” and “God, I keep thinking about when I sucked your cock last night” and “I’m wet thinking about sucking your cock.” I think you see where this is going.

Andee's thoughts: I'm not sure it is necessarily about the "sex with him" or just the simple fact that I am totally into getting some, flirting like mad and cranking up the relationship heat with some very erotic and naughty sexts. In the end, I don't care – if I have his undivided sexual attention, then I know it's going to be a great day. Of course, I do try to be a bit more creative and cryptic!

Come Here Often?
Picking up a girl in a bar and scoring a quickie. When dudes are hanging out, they talk about two things: Sports and “that one time I scored when I met that girl in the bar and she took me to the bathroom/alley/backseat of my car/whatever.” Most of the time the dudes are talking shit – but that doesn’t matter. They talk about it because it’s what they want. So, make it happen. Set up a scenario where you get to a bar early, he shows up and you two act like strangers and you let him pick you up. You’ll get bonus points if you are flirting with another guy when he shows up and then you blow off the other guy in favor of him. Then, after letting him buy you a few drinks and chatting you up, take him into the bathroom, alley or the backseat of his car and give him a blow job.

Andee's thoughts: I actually love this one because it is a very easy and achievable fantasy for couples who want to add just a little spice to their marriage. The biggest leap is having the courage to get to the bar alone and early ... but if you're like me, that is also the biggest danger. I might actually make my guy work to win my attention!

Coming In The Back Door
Anal sex. I know for a lot of us this is a little scary. It already hurt when we lost our first virginity – do we really want to go through that again? Don’t worry that much about it. Many women find anal sex really pleasurable. Anal sex is great because it’s taboo and it’s something other guys brag about. Putting your ass up in the air and letting him ravage it will drive him insane. If he’s never done it before, you’ll have to take some of the preparation into your own hands – by lubing yourself up before you get into bed – but if you let him have it he’ll love you for it and you may find that you get more intense orgasms than you expect from the sexperience. A good idea is to experiment a bit yourself with vibrators and dildos beforehand so you are used to this new type of penetration. The good news about this? This is the one time that he won’t be thinking about getting a blowjob.

Andee's thoughts: It took me a long time to open up the back door. It's still not something that is a primary part of our sex life, but I will say this much: including it as part of the playground during sex (vibrators, fingers, dildos) leads to some incredible sensations for all parties. Not to mention how much it fuels the whole threesome fantasy in my head – the one without Jennifer Aniston, however. She already showed up in the "bring a friend" category.

So there you have it, five real fantasies that occupy a man's mind. And even if they aren't yours, from this Sexy Northern Angel, I'm just thrilled you have them ... and hopefully some will come true for you too!
Andee     xoxo

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Anonymous said...

I don't think there is many of us that could stand seeing you in a threesome with Jennifer Aniston. That would be way too explosive for our hearts (and other bits)...but what a way to go! :)