March 30, 2012

Sex | Know Your Limits

So thrilled that the end of the week is here once again...except that I have to work tomorrow...price I pay for a day off last week.

Recently I noticed that a couple of my usual reads had been doing this blog called Formspring Fridays, where they would randomly answer some of the questions they had been sent on the site. And since this past week has not been a wildly relaxing one for me, I thought what better way to spend sometime with all of you by letting you in on my thoughts.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were not comfortable complying with the adventurous request of a lover?

Without question, my whole experience here has been about my own personal journey. In sharing with you, the idea has been to focus on the naughty thoughts, deepest desires and lustful moments that have come my way. This blog thing has been an incredible outlet for me to share what is on my mind and in my fantasies.

But, there are parts of my adventure that I can't share. For very obvious reasons, the guilty remain protected by a publication ban. Plus the nicknames I give them make it so much more intriguing - especially for anyone who knows that I do this and may be following along.

I am sure many of you have your various limits on what you are willing to do when it comes to sexual situations.

I think the easiest example for me to share on this goes back to the first time my hubby and I decided to play around with another couple. These were people that were friends and we had discussed the idea of a little bedroom play with them and came up with a plan. The night we had agreed upon, we all went out dinner and then back to their house for a few drinks.

As the night went along, we decided to get in to their hot tub together. Things heated up to the point where I ended up sitting on our male friend's lap, kissing him. Everyone was naked, and he was obviously turned on by the moment. It was a good time to slow things down just a little, so I slipped off his lap - and away from the erection that had been poking ever so close to my pussy.

So not to bring the whole night to a grinding halt, my hubby encouraged me to turn my attention to our female friend. She and I kissed and touched each other quite a bit, but as the guys were really enjoying the show, it was just the right time to suggest things cool down just a little. There was no sense in taking too many risks too soon with our foursome playtime.

And in the long run, it was the right decision at the time...even if theguys had to wait a few weeks before they would get to see her and I enjoy each other orally.

And even with my current situation with my Office Guy. I know that each time I take a few minutes to stop by and visit him in his office, the risk is there for throwing caution to the wind and surrendering to my lust.

I mean, seriously, sharing a steamy kiss in his office as he presses his obvious erection against would have only taken one little tug on my panties and a quick zip of his pants and things could have been much different. And as sure as I am that my friend would be a willing playmate, I also understand the reality of keeping our sanity at times like that.

There are better ways to share that desire.

I know there are probably other times when I felt hesitant to jump into a sexual moment, and without question, as my adventure continues there will be others.

But that's what makes the journey interesting.
Andee     xoxo

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Jessi W. said...

I have always been lucky with my husband, he never asks me to do what he knows inside might make me uncomfortable. Actually, it seems that I am the one that pushes those boundaries and then he reels me back in. :)