March 5, 2012

Commando | Spoiling the Panty Raid

One of the fun things that my husband and I like to tease each other with - typically by texting - is the idea of me going commando at work. Now, that might seem a little vanilla for some, but my workday (and this scenario) usually includes at least one other person in the equation ... so it's not just about a body-hugging dress and not having any VPLs. And it often involves me starting out with panties, but coming home without them. 

Of course, most of that seems to find its way to Twitter too ...

Anyway, I was having this fun conversation on Friday night with my girlfriends from work about some of the naughty times when we have teased the crap out of our guys, the crazy stuff we've done just to spice up the moment, and what are some of the things that worked best when we wanted to turn up the heat.

This seemed somewhat appropriate given all those memories that came back. 

Commando: Sexy or disgusting? 
I think it depends totally on the situation and the person. For me, the commando experience is reserved for some very special moments ... and occasionally occurs unplanned. So on my own level, I think "sexy."

And, as was pointed out to me during this process, the origins of "going commando" are not from an episode of the sitcom Friends - although I'm sure many a man has fantasized about the scene in which Jennifer Aniston's character alludes to the fact that she is sans panties under her dress. The expression apparently comes from a more military background referring to soldiers doing what they could to avoid crotch rot and chaffing ... eeeww. 

Do you have a "best" commando story?  
As I mentioned, there aren't many moments when I intentionally set out in "commando" mode. Even when my hubby and I were exploring the swingers club scene, I still slipped into a tiny g-string. Most of the times when I've removed my panties have been either by request, or as a playful surprise.

The very last time was a couple months ago, when my hubby and I were attending the Everything To Do With Sex Show in Toronto. Naturally it was a very sexually charged date night, and as we were leaving, I slipped into the ladies room and ditched my panties. The ride home, if you recall from my previous blog about it, was even more sexually charged! Those are exactly the kind of commando moments in my life.

One of the "best" times I ever did the commando thing was at a Christmas party my husband's work was hosting. These things tended to be a little routine at best and, while I started the evening wearing a dainty pair of knickers, I felt our evening could be a lot more exciting. The whole evening marked a number of "firsts" for me, as you will see. And, as we were still only dating at the time, this was the first time I had been so openly brazen in our sexual relationship. I guess some firsts can be the most memorable.

After a couple of drinks, I was ready to focus more of my attention on getting my date for the evening to ditch his coworkers and concentrate on my needs. I slipped into the ladies room and promptly removed my panties. Returning to the table, I used the very cliche method of distraction: I whispered in his ear that I needed him to hold onto my panties for me, as I stuffed them into his suit jacket pocket.

Of course, that guaranteed a lot more attention coming my way. We stayed and enjoyed a few more dances and headed home for a more private party. On the way home, I firmly planted my heels on the dashboard, pulled up the hem of my party dress and, for also the first time, proceeded to masturbate in the front seat while he drove along.
Andee     xoxo

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