November 1, 2011

Sex Tricks | One That Works On Me

I guess one of the upsides to Halloween is that it gives me a night where I really can’t get too sidetracked by much. Having to get up every couple minutes to hand out some candy is just about right for writing a sentence or two between the knocks. The downside is that my Little Men are now big enough to want to go out without Mom.

Of course, Halloween is also one of those great times when all the sexy costumes are out too…and I get to stock up on some sexy stuff to use on my website.

But in keeping with the trick or treat theme, here is a question that kind of fit’s the spirit of the day:

 What's the best/most effective sexual trick a guy has performed on you?

I would have to say that not many guys have tried too much, mostly because I have been with the same man for a long time and that tends to ward off most of the advances. But, I haven’t been so innocent and luckily I’ve had my moments (if for no other reason than ego). The one trick that a couple of different guys have tried so they could get me into a sexual situation is getting me to loosen up with a little (actually a lot) of liquid courage.

These days it’s a lot more amusing to watch the effort go into it.

Now, for the guy who is actually successful in getting me in bed, kissing me a certain way is one of the sure-fire methods to get me all hot and bothered. And when done properly, gets everything all ready to go very quickly…and I do mean everything. You know, there are those kind of kisses that are filled with so much sexual energy that they send a lightning bolt of erotic excitement right to my pussy that set it on fire.

Oh yeah…

The trick is knowing how and when to lay one of those on me!

Andee     xoxo


1manview said...

Smauua,,, lol ....

Andee said...

And kisses back to you ;-)

H said...

let me start by kissing the back of your neck and see where it takes us :)

Andee said...

H...are you suggesting you want to get behind me? You know that is one of my favourite positions ;-)

H said...

Andee, Yes I am, is it working?