November 22, 2011

Sex | Education Between The Covers

Can you say insanely busy? I am so sorry guys, I wanted to start out the second year of blogging on a much more frequent note, but for some reason, things have just gone nutty around here.

Try My Own Sex Book
Of course, a frantic pace in real life means my fantasy life also suffers a bit.

Back a few weeks ago, I was chatting with a friend about keeping things exciting and fresh in the bedroom, and he asked me if I was the kind of person who did a little “research” when it came to sex … and in particular if I read and learned anything from sex books?

That I’m doing it wrong…?

Maybe not … but outside of a couple intriguing ideas to add a little spice, there wasn’t much in the way of ‘education’ in most of the ones I have read. I’m not really the kind of woman that goes for the dangling from chandeliers kind of sex. Something that is going to require me to place my left ankle behind my right ear might have been fun when I was, say, 18 … but these days I have figured out all the positions that really rock my body and I’m alright with my own personal abbreviated Kama Sutra.

Ok, a bit harsh on the judgment…

My kind of experimentation has never been about how many different ways I can get laid, but more about how many times I can get laid. I haven’t really felt the need to throw out a hip joint just to say “Oh, I did #632 on Saturday.”

Truth be told, I think I’ve gotten more from some of the naughty romance novels I read. The thing is, there have been a couple books my husband and I bought that have been very interesting, but they may be considered more about relationships than the act of sex. My fantasies are built around some relatively common situations. And for those moments when I want to be tied up, it’s not usually that extreme nor does it involve pain and kitchen utensils.

Anyway, the books I was talking about involved a whole bunch of questions that couples should ask each other. And while my hubby and I communicate an awful lot, there were some pretty interesting subjects among the questions that led to even more interesting conversations … and even a bit of experimentation.

One of them was filled with ideas on how to spice up the weekend with some ways to create an atmosphere and help get everyone in the mood, and there were some really fun things in that.

But I would say that the one real thing I have learned from sex books is they make great ice breakers, no matter the content is all about. Whether it’s positions or romancing your partner, just the act of talking about sex makes for a much better relationship overall.
Andee     xoxo

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