November 23, 2011

Relationships | A Lasting Marriage

Still trying to tame the tornado…I guess it’s just that time of year when life gets pretty crazy with the Little Men and their activities. If nothing else, the insanity makes it a real challenge to keep the heat on with the marriage, never mind the sexual adventure!

Earlier on someone asked me what I thought were the major factors to a lasting relationship - I've been in mine for over 20 years. Not that it makes me any sort of expert at all, just someone who likes a challenging topic to write about on these busy Wednesday nights!

I would say, the MAJOR factors - because there are so many, and each relationship has varying degrees of depth to them - would be the following:

Trust - trusting each other to do the right thing for the relationship, the family, the longevity of the relationship, and the person. And trust is one of the hardest things to earn, but one of the easiest things to lose in any relationship.

Friendship - is extremely important in the development of a relationship and adds to the foundation of trust. That's not to say you have to be identical, with identical interests, but you have to "like" your partner, as well as "love." There is a big difference.

Honesty - with honesty, there can be no trust. It is the cornerstone of a lasting relationship.

Compassion - you need to have a heart, and understanding and a willingness to open yourself up when most vulnerable.

Kindness/Respect - really, I think this goes without saying. It's the mortar that holds the foundation in place. I could never be with someone that did not respect who I am, and be supportive of my ambitions, dreams and goals.

Adventure - for me this is important. On the surface, I may look like a pretty average hockey mom/housewife to people, but I relish adventure and it plays a huge role in defining who I am. Without my partner sharing my sense of adventure, the relationship could not evolve constantly. Not to mention how dull life would be without it.

Whew ... my brain hurts now. LOL
Andee     xoxo

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