November 24, 2011

Act Like A Lady ... Sort Of

I was reading an intriguing story today on the Internet about a recent Canadian survey on women’s moods and attitudes towards each other. The main point of the article was on women’s catty behaviour, and that “reality” TV shows like the Bachelor got it right. 

“A University of Ottawa professor says her study — published in the journal Aggressive Behavior — confirms that most women use aggression against sexual rivals.

Prof. Tracy Vaillancourt's research took a look at how females compete with one another for the attention of males. Her study concludes that 'The Bachelor,' which follows the action as an eligible man chooses a partner from a group of women, provides insight into the tactics women use to compete.

The popular show illustrates how vying for the affections of an eligible man can bring out the worst in women, the study says. Tactics can include gossiping about a rival's supposed promiscuity or disparaging her appearance, so as to reduce her "mate value."

What the study fails to show, if you want my own personal, unscientific opinion, is that the contestants for idiotic TV shows like 'The Bachelor' are, at best, the worst examples of women they could use…with the exception of cloning a dozen Heidi Montags. None of these individuals start out with any redeeming qualities, and we only get to see even more disturbing personality shortcomings as the cameras roll.

Thankfully, most of us are able to see that.

From my own angle, what I do see - away from the nonsense of reality TV shows - is that women are more likely to be vindictive and aggressive more so because of the shortcomings in their own lives. You can almost gauge their behaviour to what is going on in their personal lives. The ones that will gossip and tear others down do so to boost themselves up. If they are not happy, they don’t want anyone around them to be happy.

It’s disappointing that more of them haven’t figured out that instead of competing, try sharing … it is so much more fun!
Andee     xoxo

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Innes said...

I find that very true about (some) females. That picture is so funny though! But agreed - sharing seems much more fun :)