November 7, 2011

Masturbation | What Gets Her Off?

Once again, a lot of the conversation these days - when it comes to my Tweets anyway - seems to revolve around the idea of self-love. But, then again, it is something that is a big part of my daily routine, so I’m quite comfortable with talking about the subject. For anyone who has taken a naughty little peek at my videos, you will know that I am someone who indulges quite a bit in some sex toy play.

So when this came up in conversation not that long ago, it gave me some ideas on using it for a blog update. Plus, I know there are some of you out there just enjoy the thought of a woman - any woman - willing to admit she masturbates.

Anytime I have admitted it to men, like my Office Guys, it’s like they just got that Christmas gift they always wanted. Their eyes light up and they become 12-year-olds all over again, giggling madly that I used the word "masturbation." I hope to heaven they don't slink off at afternoon break to the private washroom and relive me talking about it.

Seriously guys…it’s just me making myself orgasm…it’s not like none of you haven’t done it.

Anyway, the conversation ended up with the debate of  what is more erotic: a woman who masturbates with her fingers or a woman that masturbates with a sex toy?

My own personal preference is for a sex toy when I am doing myself. The sensations that my favourite toy brings to me allows me to reach my orgasm quite nicely and intensely. The only downside is that sometimes a sex toy makes just a bit too much noise; so when you are trying to be discreet it can be very difficult. Thank goodness for thick blankets and pillows.

When I am not able to use my toys, I have no issues with my fingers. But, as hard to explain in a descriptive way, those kind of orgasms are different.

I’m sure it is no different for you guys, but my experience with men has pretty much been that guys use their hands ... or at least one of them. I haven’t met many at all that use anything battery-operated or one of those fleshlight toys on a frequent basis.

So instead of pondering too much over it, I asked my husband what it is about women masturbating, and then the toy vs. fingers option.

It seems what guys like when it comes to masturbating women is the simple fact that we do; anything that involves a woman pleasuring herself and genitalia is all that is needed. After that, he says it plays on a guy’s visual stimulation and revealing the secrets behind what it takes to make a woman orgasm.

Maybe it is that ‘secret revealed’ or that watching a moment that is the height of her vulnerability. Masturbation is a very personal and private moment for a woman, something that many of us don’t openly share with others. Well, unless you happen to be like me, who has several videos posted for guys to enjoy.

And while most women who masturbate with a toy do not insert it, he explained that there is something even more erotic about a woman who uses ‘foreign’ objects as sexual props. By doing so, she is revealing her willingness to experiment with a variety of non-traditional sex acts…which could suggest she is even more willing to be ‘wild and crazy’ when it comes to sex with a partner.

Now personally, anytime I find about another woman who masturbates, despite the naughty thoughts that go through my own mind, I’m thrilled that there are more out there who are comfortable enough with their own bodies and desires to enjoy a level of sexuality that far too many want to cast judgment on.

So fingers or toys, just get busy and enjoy. Masturbation is healthy.
Andee     xoxo


H said...

Great post. I love hearing a woman tell me she masturbates, don't spare details, I like the sound a woman makes when she masturbates, call me, I love to watch a woman masturbate, I'd love to masturbate to you masturbating.

For me the turn on is that you, as a woman are confident, sexual and most importantely you like sex.

I don't mean sex as in making love, you like to fuck... nothing is more important

Anonymous said...

I have to correct you about men and toys. Women tend to prefer generic-person toys which can be re-associated, but men want items associated with specific women, ergo the classic panty-raid, why women will 'accidentally' leave something behind and the classic perfumed letter.

Let's fact it. If a woman 'forgets' something behind, she will not always get it back. Men rarely talk about it or especially admit it, but they will surely smell and I bet even try on whatever is left behind.