November 6, 2011

30-Day Sex Challenge - Day 1: Oral Mornings

Some of you may recall that a few weeks ago I blogged about a 30-Day Sex Challenge, and at the time I said I thought it would be something exciting to try…so over the past couple weeks I have been collecting naughty little thoughts in my head in preparation for the event to begin.

This morning I began my challenge in somewhat fine style. It seemed somewhat opportunistic, as here the clocks went back one hour for daylight savings time, essentially meaning and extra hour of morning playtime. I woke up before my husband, so I decided that I would quietly read one of my new books – another delightful erotic romance by Shayla Black.

It wasn’t long before I was feeling a little turned on. So while I held the book with one hand to continue reading, I slid my other hand down between the sheets and gently began to stroke my husband. It wasn’t long before he was beginning to stir from his sleep…as was his nice hard erection.

I put the book back on my nightstand and slid down between the sheets so that I could tease him even more, using my hands, breasts and mouth to say “good morning.”

Uh huh…Day 1: Wake him with oral sex. 
Andee     xoxo

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