November 4, 2011

Fantasy Friday | The Mile High Club

Just a couple days ago, I was reading about sexual fantasies in a book I have and what it is that ranks high on men's lists of things that turns their cranks. One of them was the automotive blowjob, which I have to admit is a lot of fun to do and, as I blogged about a couple weeks ago, I have my own little kinky twist on.

Overall, it seems that men like to fantasize about sex in motion…because not far behind the ranking for oral sex while driving, is sex on a train or a plane. 

As someone who commutes on a daily basis, and has blogged some of my own naughty thoughts from the train, I admit that I do see the erotic appeal of such fantasies. It’s a combination of exhibitionism and the fear of being caught, with a hint of the mysterious stranger.

A couple years ago I was invited to attend a training conference for my work in Denver, and that experience has given me the opportunity to dig deep into my imagination and offer up my Fantasy Friday on the Mile High Club.
Andee     xoxo

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