September 29, 2011

Sex | What's On The Menu?

My husband and I were talking last night about some ideas for blogging and I pressed him a bit about the idea of how certain smells take my mind to sexual moments. We have never been one of those couples to incorporate food into our sex life, other than to make sexual innuendo comments about the English cucumber in the produce aisle; which is even funnier when they are sealed in vacuum-wrap plastic. Who knew cucumbers practiced safe sex?

I'm not suggesting that I want my own personal 9 1/2 Weeks scene ... you know, where Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke get really raunchy in the light of the refrigerator ... but there are many ways to connect the aphrodisiac qualities of certain foods to an awesome experience in the kitchen.

A bit reason behind this is that my hubby has never been one to find food all that sexually stimulating. He says the idea of slathering on some sort of whipped cream bikini is delightfully humorous, but doesn’t exactly send him over the moon.

So, I think we're at a bit of a crossroads with one idea for sexual experimentation.

Alcohol is something completely different…especially if you get one of those wine bottles with a really long neck. Now that sends the imagination into an erotic whirlwind.

The closest we typically get to food in our sex life if flavoured lube.

And so these days, the smell of blueberries always makes me smile…
Andee     xoxo


H said...

I never found food and sex at the same time to be a turn on either.

However, I would be turned on watching you show a cumcumber who's boss, that would definitely make me crumb :)

Andee said...

LOL ... uh, I have yet to be that inspired to put a cucumber in its place, but I'll let you know ;-)