August 9, 2011

Relationships | Is It Just Dinner?

This morning, as I was on my way to dropping off my Little Men at their summer day camp, the morning show hosts on the radio were doing their bit called "Group Therapy." It's a bit of common gag, it seems. The listeners send in a scenario specific to their relationships, and the radio hosts discuss and analyze it.

Today the subject was: a male coworker, visiting on business from out of town, had asked a female coworker out for a dinner meeting - both are married. The husband on the female employee had some red flags go up with this request and suspected that something else was going on.

I always find these things amusing, because more often than not, it reveals a much deeper issue with people's relationship that just the simple question on hand.

What reason would their really be for such jealousy on the husband's behalf? Is he afraid that this coworker has such an expert grasp on seducing women, that he will be able to bed his coworker?

If that is truly his concern, then he obviously does not know his own wife very well ... nor have a shred of trust for her.

Now, the other day I blogged about how I can, on occasion, be oblivious to the sexual advances of some guys. I tend to look at relationships with other men as friendships, mostly because I am not one to be intimidated by having a platonic friendship. I seem to find men in my life that are easy to talk to, share some of the same interests that I have - and being I'm not an overly girly-girl and like sports and being active, it helps. I'd much rather trash-talk hockey or baseball than gossip about what shoes someone may be wearing.

But just because some of us are able to relate to members of the opposite sex - people we are not married to - does that automatically put us in line to be a bed-post notch? Do guys assume that we are such a weaker sex that a glass of wine and some lobster bisque is going to make us shed all inhibitions in life and jump into the sack by the time the dessert menu lands on the tablecloth?
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With someone like you, it is more hopeful.