August 8, 2011

Andee's Five Reasons To Wear A Mini

Hopefully you guys have been enjoying my ongoing photo series Miniskirt Mondays. I plan on keeping it going as long as I have the photos - and legs - to keep you interested.

The miniskirt rose to popularity in the 1960s, and is supposed to be a representation of our liberation from the stereotypes that exist. Now, since this is some 50 years later, I'm not one to cling to stereotypes, but I will agree that the mini is an excellent fashion statement that is directly tied to our sexual freedom ... and for some of us, a key strategy when exploring our sexual freedom.

So as we were picking a few of the photos for the next several updates, my husband suggested I write something about why I personally choose to wear them.

Now, keep in mind that some of what you see in my photos will never be seen at the office, the grocery store or hockey arena. And, those that do see the light of day in my more “public” life may not clock in as short as some of those micro-minis some younger women are getting away with.

Andee's Top 5 Reasons To Wear A Mini

1. Fashion
Probably the most logical idea of the bunch, wearing a miniskirt is very much n vogue these days. A miniskirt has almost timeless allure and can be worn in almost any situation - from the office to the beach. So, in keeping with modern fashion, it is appropriate for a number of different occasions. On top of that, wearing the right style can be an exceptionally flattering line for the curves of a woman’s body. Being shorter than most supermodels, I find that long skirts make me appear even shorter than I am, which is not even remotely flattering. The trick is to ensure the skirt is properly complemented by the right shoes … or boots.

2. Attention
At the risk of coming across vain, I love the looks and compliments. To catch a  man stealing a peek might offend some women, but it drives me crazy in a very good way. You know, there comes a time in a woman’s life when she has to come to terms with the fact she is no longer 18. To realize that, after childbirth and age have started to enforce their will, you can still turn the heads of a man that is not your husband is an incredible emotional thrill. Even though we may be married and happy, we need to know that we still have some sexuality left in us. I’m also lucky that I have a partner who is extremely encouraging in me pursuing this. And with that encouragement and the confidence it gives me as a woman … well … a happy and horny wife puts a smile on the husband’s face and a twitch in his trousers.

3. Confidence
Is it cliché for me to say, I wish I knew then what I knew now? If I knew what I know now when I was young and had a killer body, my wardrobe would have been remarkably different. That said, experience in life is what brings out the confidence in a person. Now that I am in my sexual prime, I enjoy the experience of wearing a mini - and am thankful I have the legs to work it. And with the attention, comes the confidence. And with the confidence comes the power! A miniskirt pair with the right footwear allows me to carry myself with that more obvious sense of authority and being in control - an even better position to be in when it comes time for those employee performance reviews!

4. Economics
I’m not suggesting that less fabric in a miniskirt translate to less money spent on clothing, but I am saying that money does come into play. Here’s my thinking on that: I have a great deal invested in my underwear; some of which I have bought, some of which my husband and some of which was sent to me by you guys. If I hid all that sexiness under long skirts, where no guy ever had the chance of seeing a peek of those naughty knickers, it would be an economic disaster.

And in case you are wondering: some days those little peeks at our panties is totally intentional on our behalf. Seriously. I don't spend $35 on a wisp of pink lace just for my own pleasure.

5. Opportunity
Finally, let’s not kid ourselves here … a miniskirt simply provides even easier access when certain opportunities present themselves. And, although I could go on with all the reasons why those opportunities are worth jumping on, or about the thrill of going commando and knowing that there is only a few inches of fabric between my bare pussy and a guy seeing all the business, let’s just leave it with this: at this point in my life and sexual adventure, I am not willing to let any opportunity pass me by!

While I could have checked the standards of choice with my household miniskirt lover, I sought the insight of someone who has spent a great deal of time getting to know me online, my friend Matt. He cares about you guys too, because he has been kind enough to send me sexy items to wear …including those stockings that I put to great use for one of my naughty Twitter moments and photo updates.

This is what Matt says about a woman in a mini: As a leg man, he loves to see a sexy pair of legs, that hint of exposed thigh and how a nicely-fitting miniskirt accents a woman’s butt.

So, who am I to argue with you guys?

Andee     xoxo

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Anonymous said...

I don't how the men around you can stand it. You are simply stunning. I love you attitude on life.