July 11, 2011

Wake Up | Cream For My Coffee

I was having a rather intriguing discussion last night with an online friend, who having read my Sexy Sunday post wanted to know more about my mornings. Sadly not every morning can be as fun and exciting as what I was writing about. The truth is, we just don't have the enthusiasm or energy to start every day with a bang!

Have you ever woken someone up by performing oral sex on them?

Oh yes, and it is one of the best things to do to ensure I get my morning sex!

This is something that I have done a few times, and I enjoy it quite a bit. But at the same time, I have to be really horny. My husband has told me many times that he considers that one of my ‘best talents’. Truth is, I learned an awful lot about how to really give good head at a sex seminar that I went to a few years ago with a friend. It was something that we did for fun…called something like “How to make love to your man and leave him begging for more.” My husband still says it’s the best tuition he’s ever paid.

Most times when I get into oral sex, it’s part of a bigger thing that is already going on. I’m not sure what I find so hot about it, but there’s just something about going down on my guy while he’s asleep and taking his cock in my mouth and feeling him get harder and harder. I get really turned on by that sensation (OK, and the power too) Then, it’s also so exciting to see just at what point in the whole experience will he wake up.

I’ve only had one guy cum on me without waking up. It was a pretty fun thing, and even more fun to completely mess with his mind about not being into me and whatnot. LOL The poor guy woke up to find a little sticky situation and me going ‘what’s going on?’ OK, that’s a little cruel, but it was fun nonetheless.

What I really enjoy is to slip down under the sheets and get my guy going, teasing and licking him until he’s really hard. There’s something about morning sex that makes some guys really hard and damn that just feels good. Once I have everything the way I want it down there, I’m more likely the type to stop with the oral sex and climb on top. Of course, this usually happens by the time the guy wakes up. From there, well, it’s just one heckuva way to wish your lover “Good Morning”

Andee     xoxo


Anonymous said...

I am surprised anyone could "stay asleep" with your hot mouth wrapped around them! Anyway, it was a great subject for a Monday. Thanks, Andee! :) -Sanders.

H said...

I love waking up that way. It would be a dream cum true to have you wake me up this way.

Love the photo, sexy hand and fingers.

Andee said...

And thank you guys ;-)