July 6, 2011

Adventure | It Turns Guys On

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed your long weekends. Now we get to deal with a short week, and that summer "I don't wanna be here" kind of mood.

Or maybe that's just me ...

This week has been a bit of a twisted path anyway, and it's made me a little reflective for a Wednesday.

I remember as a little girl, summers were about adventure. Growing up on a farm meant you had to create a lot of your own fun; which usually came down to exploring in the woods or making up new games to play. For me, my imagination often ran away when I was sat reading a good book. I think it was there that I first discovered the idea of adventure.
My Biggest Sex Toy

I guess you can say that's a good thing these days, as I just read that one of the biggest qualities in a woman that excites a man is her passion for adventure.

The article I was reading suggests that a woman's willingness to get a little wild and crazy is attractive to guys because they recognize that with a woman that has a sense of adventure, they won't have to accept the idea that a relationship means settling down. Guys, according to the writer, are traditionally reluctant to make commitments because they fear it means the end of the line.

Men, apparently, do not like to be bored in their relationships...

Hmm...I wonder if that implies that women do?

A sense of adventure isn't just about climbing mountains or riding a motorcycle the length of the legendary Route 66. It can mean a great variety of things, and one rarely needs to travel too far from the bedroom. Create a sense of adventure between the sheets and most guys won't have the legs for mounting a bunch of big rocks.

My whole blog, and a big part of the idea for starting it, was about inviting you into my adventure. I didn't set out to say I needed thousands of people right there beside me, but the erotic thoughts added to the whole thing. By creating what started out as a sexy diary for my husband evolved into something bigger - and a lot more exciting.

If you've been reading, you know that this is about my path along my sexual expedition. I call it an adventure, because it is about exploring and discovering. Even if it is something as small as coming to terms with certain things in my own mind, or using it to share the dirtiest of ideas that I am too embarrassed to say out loud, the whole thing is about letting go of fears and leaping into some of the unknown.

And trust me, the more I write about crazy things like Five Places I've Blown His Mind or Bisexual Wedding Parties, the more it makes me want to explore deeper. I don't need to mention the more it makes me want to be explored deeper!

I realize that we all have these "comfort zones" in which we live. I'm no different when it comes to a lot of things. I like my work day to go a certain way, I like my routine to be a certain way. But at the same time, I've come to look at ways to keep it all interesting. Most recently I decided that after watching my hubby and Little Men take to the ice rink and play hockey, I would try it myself. I signed up for a womens league and lo-behold, your Sexy Northern Angel has traded her lacy garter-belt for an athletic supporter. But then, the adventure isn't just about the game on the ice - there's the whole idea for you guys to think about as to what goes on with a bunch of women in a dressing room with a communal shower.
It frustrates me when I meet other people that fear the idea of adventure, even in the smallest of ways; women who scoff at the notion of playing a Friday night whore in the bedroom, or shudder at the suggestion of bringing toys into the moment. It makes me wonder why they are reluctant to experience life, passion, pleasure...mind-blowing orgasms.

But then I sit back and think, that's OK...makes it easier for me to capture the imagination of those guys who yearn for adventure.
Andee     xoxo


H said...

I love your sexual adventure, and I agree I'd rather have a great sexual adventure with you than cruise on a bike. Although that can be fun, did you know the vibration of the engine is a perfect stimulant for your clit, you on the back of my bike, your arms around my waist your hands in my pants, 50km and you'd have the best open air orgasm of your life.

PS. the budweiser panty photo is keeping me up at night.

Andee said...

Glad you liked the bikini ;-)

That's my bike...we nicknamed it Thumper, for very good reason. And the pipes help drown out my own engine when things really get going on a nice ride.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the lack of "adventure" stems from a concern/worry/fear that if something is done or acted on in the bedroom, that "he will think I'm a slut", etc., which is SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH that it hurts. Like you say, guys like a little adventure, and having our lover participate and fuel the big sex organ (the BRAIN) just makes us want her all the more! -Sanders

Ps. Agreeing with H. HOT! :)