July 27, 2011

Sex Toys | Make Me One Of You

I’m not sure if you noticed one of the comments my online friend H (visit his blog) had left for me on my sex toy blog the other day. He was sharing about the “clone your willy” product that is out there now; where men can make a mould of their erection and craft a dildo for their partner.

An intriguing concept, to say the least.

You know I already have a more than enthusiastic collection of sex toys, including some rather large rubber replacements. A couple of those magnificent pussy pleasers have even been modelled after male porn stars - which might be a safer way to get nailed by one those guys than in person. And as such, I am not one too shy to admit my passion for sexual playtime.

I have seen this “clone your willy” kit in my favourite sex store before, but never really had it in mind to encourage my hubby to roll it out for me. I’m sure the main objective of this product is exactly that, something that couples might share between themselves.

For women who may not yet be habitual sex toy users, the idea may be a great way to introduce her to a little vibrating playtime, fashioned after the cock she already loves. Not so intimidating compared to some of the rubber monsters on the market.

But as I was pondering my friend‘s question, I started to think what if you do stretch your imagination just a bit further than that. And so, the underlying question for me is: if I was going to want a dildo, would I want one fashioned after the man I already have in the flesh? It’s a bit of a dilemma, really.

Of course, the idea sends some delicious thoughts to my sexual appetite. My friend H says he found it exceptionally erotic to watch a woman pleasure herself with his replica. And, I can imagine just how erotic it could be for you guys to watch such a thing - if that woman was not your own partner. In a way, it’s a little surrogate fantasy; fucking her but not really crossing the lines of cheating, if that was a concern.

While I have never pondered too deeply that it is a rubber version of Tommy Gunn has been in and out of me, or my BBC fantasies are fueled by a Doc Johnson product, all I think about is the sensation and how delicious it feels to be in the moment.

But the idea of someone not so entrenched in the porn industry, someone who doesn’t have thousands of rubber replicas buried in thousands of housewives … that isn't the one I get in the flesh when I want it ... that is erotic.

Andee     xoxo

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H said...

GREAT post, now can I make a replica of me for you, now that would be erotic :)