July 21, 2011

Orgasms | Help From My Toy Box

Hey everyone! Wow, what a freakin' heat wave around here. Of course, some don't mind because it means when I'm not locked up at work, I'm hanging around the house in not a lot of clothing, or slipping outside for a little me time under the sun in my bikini.

I hope those of you who played along with my Sex Confession Wednesday enjoyed it. I admit it is getting harder to think of things to throw out there in those little 140-character messages that still get the mind going! I got home quite last night to a very pleasant surprise - my darling husband had cleaned all my toys. It's very important to keep things like that fresh, because ... well ... you can use your imagination. Mind you, I think he may have had an alterior motive. Mmm...parts of me are still tingling. 
I think it's fairly safe to say that these things play a fairly big role in my pleasure ... which brings me to a question I had someone ask me before about how often my hubby and I liked to play with sex toys.

When we're together, it depends on what is happening and where. One of the best gifts my husband ever bought me when it came to sex toys was a little tiny vibrator that slips onto your finger. When we're having some good ol' fashioned bumping and grinding, this little toy can bring me to orgasm in a flash. I love it, and he loves watching me reach orgasm. My personal favourite is my Pocket Rocket; a toy that has become a very frequent partner with my husband ... and I consider myself very lucky to be with a guy that isn't intimidated by sex toys.

When I'm alone, well, that also depends. Sometimes I just like the feeling of my own fingers. But often my Pocket Rocket take me to all those wonderful places my horniness needs to go. Lately, I have been enjoying this other incredible toy I got from my special online friend Matt. You can see me in action with it here, but to boil it down, it's a Turbo Rabbit with a suction-cup base. It is the most incredible vibrator on the market in my opinion and if you want to watch your partner absolutely climb the walls, this is a sure-thing.

Having said all that, there are a few new ideas on the market that I am very interested in trying - including the "We Vibe." It's apparent a toy that you use during intercourse and has one part that sits right on a woman's love button and the other part slides inside against her G-spot.

The thing about sex toys is that they enhance the experience. My hubby and I have enjoyed a long history of playing with them, experimenting and finding ones that really get us going. The whole thing can be one of the hottest and most intimate experiences you can share with a special person. I'd never consider them to be any kind fo replacement for the real thing, and I know there's a lot of guys who would get hung up on that.

But trust me when I say, nothing feels like the real thing.

Andee     xoxo

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H said...

There is a "toy" on the market where you can cast a copy of your husbands cock. The end result is a perfect silicon copy of his cock, you have the option to put a vibrator inside it.

I find it an extreme turn on to watch a woman masturbate with a copy of my cock.

Love to hear your thought on this.