July 28, 2011

What He Does To Make Me Feel Sexy

So it seems like my flirting contest update proved to be a popular one. Had some awesome traffic from all you guys on that one … including the comment left by my friend H which led to yesterday’s update.

But I kind of like being the popular one … it’s a very good ego boost.

Out all that silliness though, I did get into a pretty intriguing chat with another online friend of mine who has been enjoying all the thoughts and crazy moments. But, as conversations are likely to go every now and then, my friend asked me:

What is something your guy does for you that makes you feel sexy … but isn’t sex-related?

Well, one of the things to keep in mind, especially given the recent blogs about oral sex, flirting and my occasion Twitter Sex Confession Wednesdays, is that my life is actually very routine. I use this blog and my website and tweets as a way to keep the flames of passion burning in my relationship, given the crazy schedules my husband and I keep. The moments of sexual adventure captured on here are a bit of a Reader’s Digest thing - all the good stuff condensed for you.

Honestly, I am a very normal, typical girl-next-door. So like every other woman, I long for the sincere and unexpected compliments that seemingly come from nowhere. We kind of have fragile egos, and so those are very important.

On a personal level, I truly adore getting a compliment or I love you NOT during sex. While my husband is pretty good at stroking my ego outside of the bedroom, those kind of compliments go so much further than the sexually-charged, gotta-say-something-between-thrusts comments. Compliments that come from out of the blue are way better at ensuring I am a sure thing later that evening than waiting until the heat of passion prompts you.

Recently my hubby scored big time with exactly that kind of moment. I had managed to talk him into coming clothes shopping with me, which isn’t really hard, but it was a nice way to spend a weekday afternoon together without kids.

I tried on the dress from Update 352, and had just walked out of the change room. Before I could even ask, he blurted out “Get it.” I was stunned because he usually needs a bit of encouragement when it isn’t slutty or lingerie. I asked “Do you like it?” He just said “Yes. Get it.” Later he explained that he thought the dress looked great on me and there wasn’t really any need for debate.

After being with the same guy for 20 years, it felt really nice to know he still found me attractive. I know he does, he says he does, but to see that look on his face as he’s going “Get it” made me feel truly sexy.

Another thing he does, as simple as it is, a couple times I have just commented in passing about how I love a new song that is out and then the next day as I am listening to my iPod I hear the song downloaded onto it. The fact that he listens to me and cares enough to surprise me with a new song on my play list like that … that really makes me feel sexy.

Andee     xoxo


1manview said...

Sounds like I need to bring some flirtation back into my life... You are having way to much fun.. lol ..

H said...

I trust you get lots of compliments to boost your ego.

In case you don't, I love your smile, your eyes captivate me, your lips send messages of sexuality and kindness, love your legs, love your breasts and your stomach but most of all I love how your flirtatious personality.

Andee said...

@ H ... thanks so much sweetie. Actually, I don't really get many. There are a couple guys in my life that like to share the occasional one, but it never gets old when I do receive a sincere compliment.

@ 1manview ... flirting can be very healthy for the imagination and libido, not to mention the thrill, excitement and fun of innuendo and pushing it to the edge!