June 16, 2011

Sexy | What You See At Work

Yesterday on my commute I had the most amusing opportunity to watch how a woman with a really great pair of legs in a nice skirt and sexy heels can lead men down the path - literally. She was 50 feet in front of me and there was about six guys following right behind her. When we got to the stairs for the train platform, she turns and goes up one set of stairs and every single guy followed, even though there was a closer set of stairs on their left. I kind of laughed to myself because the timing was so accurate after a conversation I had with a guy the other night.

“I think one of the sexiest things I’ve seen at the office lately is one of my attractive coworkers kicked off her high heels and left them in her cubicle, almost like she wanted me to notice them …we’ve shared many discussions on my shoe fetish … what is the sexiest thing you’ve seen at your work?”

A challenging question for me because there’s a lot of things not sexy about where I work. I think that is why I get such a kick out of flirting and playing around with some of my Office Guys you read about if you follow me on Twitter. A skirt and pair of heels gets these guys all wound up, so I can’t imagine how it would if there was anything really sexy happening.

And then, sexy for me may be a little different. While I am also someone who loves to see a great pair of legs on a woman, it’s not the only thing that sends my imagination into high gear. My Office Guys are really great guys, lots of fun and a few big personalities, but these guys are also not exactly ‘fantasy’ material … well, maybe one or two might be … these guys are friends and intellectual playmates for me.

What is a bit sexy at my work is more the stuff that fuels the imagination - especially if you are willing to let your imagination run wild. And that's often required a lot more than anything else.

I’ve often thought about if there is any truth to the stories of nurses helping a guy find a little stress relief while he is bed-ridden. Think about how erotic that could be - here is some really hot guy, I slip quietly into his room, and make a little small talk. Then slowly slip a hand under the sheets, gently stroke his muscular thigh for a moment, then work my way to his balls and lightly fondle them to see if I can get a nice reaction.

But the truth is, the guys I have seen pleasuring themselves while in there are usually the guys in the mental ward … and there’s nothing really sexy about some guy off his meds standing naked in the hallway playing with himself.

But every now and then the girls and I will catch wind of someone really cute who has been admitted. News like that usually travels like wildlfire, for some reason. From there you can only imagine what goes on. The level of volunteering for deliveries to that floor increases. There have been a few times when I have been lucky to sneak a peak or three of some really hot guy’s exposed ass in those awful hospital gowns. Sadly, I always start to wonder what the heck a hot guy like that is in there for … reality is just never like Gray’s Anatomy.
Andee     xoxo

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