June 13, 2011

Breasts | New Ones For College?

As we move deeper into June, a lot of schools are starting to wrap up for the year. I know that down in some of the States, the high schools wrap up pretty early in month, and it was where I heard this story.

It seems that it is becoming somewhat “trendy” for parents to give their daughters graduation gifts of plastic surgery. Yep, that’s right - a new pair of Ds as a reward for four years of straight As.

Now, let's be clear here: I am not against breast implants (although I've seen some that I would love to be pressed against!). I firmly believe that people do have the choice to make in their life; and as some of you out there know, at one point I even participated on a website that would pay for breast implants for women if they could “earn” enough credits from the guys (called benefactors) on the site. It was an amusing experience as I quickly learned that in order to really reach your goal you had to violate practically every rule on the site, often pushing the limits of decency and fidelity … all the while investing pretty much 24/7 of your time.

I figured after that, if a boob job was coming my way, it was not going to happen through a website. And, while I love all you guys who have said that I don’t need one, I do have some of my own thoughts in the back of my mind as to why I would consider doing something like that. In the meantime, let’s just say it’s not a very high priority in my life.

But what I do find alarming in this story is that young women are receiving plastic surgery gift certificates from parents. The underlying message is, to me anyway, disturbing. Moms and Dads are supposed to be the ones providing the stable support and unconditional love of who we are - imperfections and all. Not to mention, isn't it just a bit icky for a Dad to send his darling daughter off to college with a firm set of enhanced "bodacious ta-tas?"

Society has placed some very unreal expectations on women over the past few decades. Increasingly the message out there has been about the pursuit of an almost unachievable ideal of how we should look and act. We’re not talking about just touching up the roots here to hide some of the grey hairs, we’re talking about 18-year-old girls undergoing major surgery - invasive surgery that will have to be redone in slightly better than every 10 years at today’s medical standards for implants.

What ever happened to wanting a new convertible or a trip to Europe? Nope, now they want new tits.

Don’t get me wrong, guys. I love a great rack just as much as you … and trust me, I am the kind of girl who could, and would, willing get into boob watching with you. But as someone who has experienced a bit of life and had two kids, I would love to have my 18-year-old body back - and none of that wish includes doing anything to those perky 34Bs from back then.

Parents should not be the ones condoning this kind of decision unless the surgery in question is going to dramatically alter the future and health of their child. And unless their sweet little princess is going into the porn industry, a new rack just isn’t all that.
Andee     xoxo


H said...

nothing beat natural, my opinion.

miles said...

Wow! Outrageous does not begin to describe the behavior you describe. Every woman I have known would theoretically change some part of her if she had a magic wand. But these were women, not 17 year-olds, with enough worldly experience to not go down the actual path. Very sad for those girls without perspective who no doubt find it nearly impossible to say no.

miles said...
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