April 26, 2011

Lights, Camera ... Sex

A few days ago I invited you guys to ask anything you wanted to know about me, as I want part of this whole thing to be something you can share in. One of my online friends asked me, particularly after my blog about porn and sex, was if I found sex in front of the camera to be different.

Short answer: you betcha!

A lot of my sex life these days includes three parties: me, the guy and the camera. I think a big part of it is because of how busy my husband and I get we like to multi-task even when we are in the bedroom. And as twisted as that may seem to some people, it’s just a moment in our reality these days - especially because we want to share a good part of that with you guys!

Sure, it’s not the greatest of historic romances famous novelists will one day write about, but it works.

At first, the idea of having sex with the camera rolling was a bit of a mix between awkward eroticism and naughty exhibitionism. The idea was a big turn on, and we would spend quite a bit of time planning, preparing and discussing the ideas. I can't say that I had aspired to making my own sex tapes as I was growing up, but life and adventure take you to certain places.

As my website grew with more photo sessions and videos, there were a lot of things that moved closer to being “habits” and “routines.” We had gotten past the awkwardness and moved on to pushing the limits a bit more each time.

Maybe this is the sad statement of the day, but I can't remember the last time I put on some really naughty or kinky lingerie just to entice my husband.

Lost In The Moment
The thing with sex and the camera is you lose quite a bit of the intimacy. It can be hard to totally lose yourself in the moment when you know that orgasm-face looks better at this angle and watch the shadows, etc. And there is nothing more frustrating than really getting into things only to pause while you change the camera angle or reshoot a scene just for the close-up. All the things those lovely breast-enhanced actresses don't have to deal with in Porn Valley. Some days I openly beg for a cameraman ...

Plus there is a part of me that gets frustrated with that loss of intimacy and privacy, because there are times when you just want to have that crazy, over-the-top kinky sex for fun. That’s certainly not to say I don’t … but more times than not we are pushing the limits for the camera. I suppose we just need to be a bit more selfish and not let you guys see so much of the sex toys and light bondage stuff!

So, as you can see, the camera has become a bit of a mistress for both of us, and sometimes we have to remember not to invite her along.

Andee     xoxo

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