April 5, 2011

Get Her To Pose For You | Tip #3

Ok, so now we have a very general idea of how to actually make the sexy photo session work, now the big question is “How do we make it happen?”

I wish I had an easy answer for you, but there isn’t really one. There are more challenges than reasons. The other day we heard it again from a wannabe big star about being embarrassed by nude photos of them that had been leaked on the Internet. This time it was Vanessa Hudgens … again. I guess the girl never learns. The Usher and Chris Brown nude photo scandals? No one cares if a male celebrity gets naked. Come on guys, the Red Hot Chili Peppers get nekkid as part of the concert … and they bring socks.

So, with the headlines and gossip that issues like this bring to our daily lives, it creates your biggest hurdle in getting her to pose naked for you: trust.

Sure, she might trust you to look after the children for a night while she goes out with the girls, or maybe to hang the wallpaper in the back bedroom and get the trash out to the curb on a Tuesday morning. She might even trust you to party at the Playboy mansion on Superbowl Sunday without a need for a full-body dousing of penicillin.

But, despite all that, the one thing she may not trust you to do is stop behaving like a 14-year old boy with her newly exposed reputation … and in today’s day and age, that means no Internet. And no smart-phone wallpapers either.

The challenge is overcoming her fear of trusting you to protect the one thing that we women cling to more desperately that a shipwreck survivor to a life ring: our reputation. Well, at least some do … but my story is for another day if you haven’t already read the previous 100+ entries of my blog and followed the carnage that was a ‘normal’ life for yours truly.

So, how do you win her trust? If she doesn’t have it, it won’t come overnight. Lots and lots … and lots … of communication, reassurance. You not only need to calm her fears, but you also need to build her ego bigger than some over-rated basketball player with an hour-long TV special. If for one moment she doesn’t feel like the goddess of all goddesses, chances are you have an awful lot of work ahead of you.

And be sincere and honest with your intentions. It may be that the last time she let some horny guy talk her into doing something before she had time to fully appreciate the full ramifications she lost her virginity.

Setting aside all my sarcasm for a moment, this isn’t about making her feel like she is competing with Playboy models or Victoria's Secret Angels. This is about making your special lady feel like she is just that - special, sexy, confident and desirable.

Lobster Bisque helps. Jewellery works.
Andee     xoxo


Tommy Gunn said...

You make some very good points in this that can be said about more than just taking photographs. Trust is very important in wanting to move a relationship to any deeper stage.

Well said, I'm really lovin' your writing.

Anonymous said...

lobster bisque ... too funny

Mike V said...

Let's be honest, your husband is a damn lucky man to have a gorgeous and willing subject to photograph

Andee said...

Thanks so much guys!