April 4, 2011

Athletic Supporter | Fandom or Man Love

On Friday night we went for a few drinks after work. A bunch of us were celebrating the last of our regulatory courses … and trying to drown the reality that up next is a $1,300 exam.

Hardly what you guys want to hear about though … but you might like today’s entry on my ongoing Miniskirt Mondays. I’m going all “schoolgirl’ for you.

Anyway, we were teasing one of the guys that was with us because he was wearing a hockey jersey for the local NHL team. Which isn’t really all that bad, except what some of the girls wanted to know if how a guy can’t spend a few minutes in a store like Victoria Secrets with us, but he’ll wear some other dude’s name on his back? Yes, we’re talking about wearing that sports jersey with your favourite player’s name and number embroidered on it.

Isn’t this a public display of some “man love?”

Well, that’s where we were headed with the whole debate. And this poor guy just compounded the matter by showing his support for a guy (since retired) that proved to be nothing but a massive ego and minimal passion for showing the talent he had as a junior. He wasn’t exactly a player that this city really embraced, even though it was his “homecoming.”

Before we get too far into it, have I mentioned that I am a hockey fanatic? Well, I am. All the men (Big and Littles) in my house play ...  and I'll take on any hockey mom who wants to throw down!

I know you guys like to see us wearing a team jersey in support - my Team Canada shirt was a big hit, however, we did win gold at the Olympics and I was only wearing it with underwear and heels - but I’ve learned that is a little different kind of kink you have going as men. But what is it about a guy that he will drop a couple hundred dollars on a replica jersey of an NHL player (or any other sport too, I suppose - but this is Canada and hockey is hot right now in this city)? Do you think that maybe wearing the number and name will transfer a bit of the testosterone over? Seriously guys, there’s not an awful lot of sexy hockey players on the market right now; great players yes, but I like my men with a full set of their own teeth.

Just my thoughts …
Andee     xoxo


Bill P said...

Can't say I've ever been one for wearing those. I'm good with showing support for your team but some fans go a bit over the top.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt think you are more right!!