April 23, 2011

Flirting | Guys Hitting On Me

Heading out this morning to get my hair done, then who knows what tonight may bring? I know at some point the Easter Bunny will be showing up.
Hippity-Hoppity Bunny

This is a something from quite a while back, but I tried to update it a little bit. Not that things have changed much, other than my enthusiasm for having it happen - which is what resulted in my summer flirt contest. Sometimes my mouth tends to get me into something interesting trouble!

What is your reaction to a guy hitting on you?

As I get a little older, it’s an invigorating experience. Some nights, if I see a really hot guy I’m like “Oh, hit on me, hit on me!” It's one of those things that can lead to some fun conversations ... even if I'm very committed to my husband.

It totally depends on the guy’s approach, and the moment. I tend to be a lot more open and flirtatious when I'm out with my girlfriends than I am when I'm out with my hubby - even at those lifestyle clubs. I’m a little too coy for the usual pickup lines, so I find them kinda corny and tired. Some guys might mistake my giggle at their bravado a blow to their ego…

What really works for me is a guy who has some sincerity in his approach. Flattery always works, but it has to be real. No “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” come-ons. I like a guy who can comment on the way I look, or dance, and seem like he means it – even if he really is only looking to get into my panties.

I could spend most of the night flirting and chatting with a guy who meets my attractive criteria – and can hold a conversation with me – if he simply says “That’s a very nice outfit on you. Did you buy for a special occasion, or just a night out?”

Honesty is also a great pick-up. “I noticed you dancing, and I think you’re cute/sexy/hot/etc. Can I buy you a drink and talk for a while?”

What rarely works with me is if some guy wants to sidle up to me on the dance floor and expect a little bumpin’ and grindin’ to the beat. No way, Chuck….not a chance with me if that’s how little you think of my integrity as a woman. I might look like some action, but you’ll get nothing if you think you’re all that and can just expect me to swoon.

Now, keep in mind, I am a happily married woman and the chances of a big score are very slim (unless you’re Tim McGraw and then no rules apply). But I am a big flirt, I love to dance and party…and chances are you’ll still have a great time with me even if there’s no sex ;-)

Andee     xoxo


H said...

I love that bunny picture. I love flirting, I really like it when a woman hits on me, you ever iniate a flirt, versus waiting to be hit upon?

How would this make you feel "I saw you enter the bar, and I thought to myself now there is a confident married woman I'd like to get to know better"

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this counts as flirting but I tend to start conversations from commenting on other ones from sexy ladies. An example would be say they're at the bar and I go up for a drink. While I'm not looking at them or trying to visualize them naked, I am listening to what they're talking about. I've already seen them on the dance floor or at the bar and decided to attempt to engage. I make casual eye contact as I approach but get to the bar as if I'm there for something other than talking to them so other than a smile and not I don't speak. I hear what they're saying and women always have some comment about a guy or something funny. I'll chuckle to myself without looking, but loud enough that they notice, which catches their attention and then I look over at them and say, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to hear that, but it was funny" If they're interested they'll play along and say "what do you mean?" I respond with "It's none of my business but that was interesting." I've then opened the door to talking with them without being aggressive as they've invited me to their circle. I talk briefly and if there is interest I'll cut it short saying "I've gotta run as my buddies are waiting for me but maybe we'll continue this later. You ladies are fun." Walking away or having something else to do shows I'm neither desperate nor on the prowl.

I then see if they casually try to stay in my view as that shows some interest. Later I'll get a round of drinks sent to them and have the bartender or waitress say "To the funny ladies from the nosy guy" and have her point my way. Going in with no expectations always works best as I then don't come off strong.

Just thought I'd share. Great posts.