April 24, 2011

Food Sex | Slide The Donut On It

It’s Easter Sunday and no doubt you are getting your own fill of chocolate. At my house, the kids are already jacked up on a major sugar rush.

I was thinking of slipping on my bunny costume just to hang out and write my blog, but there’s just too many Little Men buzzing around here today. But maybe that might help for your imagination while we share our coffee’s together virtually this morning.

Yesterday when I was sitting in the salon getting my hair done, I was reading one of those trashy magazines again. When you have nothing else to do for the almost two hours that it takes, you need something to occupy the mind. I don’t know if it’s just me but some of those articles they print are a bit of a mix between weird and horny. I was already halfway in a horny mood anyway, so this was an idea I actually found intriguing

It’s a fun way to incorporate some food into your sexy life; although I’m not sure it’s for everyone. The idea is to take a donut and slip it onto his erection and the eat it off. I assumed they meant a donut with a whole in the middle already, because slipping one those Boston crème ones will be a bigger sticky mess … but maybe make for some much better licking.

I think it also designed for you to just forget about the calories for one night too.

Anyway, it’s a funny idea. Truth be told, it's very difficult to actually do it because once you take a couple nibbles, the donut will fall off. Maybe it might be better to get one of those filled donuts and just kind of slide it on top! Yummy jelly!

I wondered how many guys would automatically refer back to that joke about a naked man being able to carry a dozen donuts and two cups of hot coffee. I started thinking about the idea of how the experience could be an intriguing mix of sweet and salty. But it is totally about just an oral sex moment. Don’t go putting him into your honey pot before cleaning all that sugar off - sugar in the vagina can lead to infection!

I’ve never been a real big “food sex” kind of girl. Don’t know why, but it has just never captured my sexual imagination that much. The idea of chocolate body paint; sure it’s cool … but whipped cream or bananas, etc., has just not connected with me. Food can be sexy when it’s just food though. My husband occasionally makes mussels in white wine sauce … that’s almost orgasmic on its own.

But I have to admit … if you gotta be sinful with the diet, this donut idea might be a fun excuse just to give him some oral excitement. And you know that the protein in his sperm is also good for you … another reason to swallow!

I can hear all the husbands reading this going “YES!!!”

Andee     xoxo

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