March 23, 2011

Haven't I Seen You Someplace Before?

Mid-week and I never thought it would get here. Actually I am kind of dreading today. I’m am writing the final exam to my last course that I have to take for my profession. Unlike high school and college, the pass level on this one is 80% … and I never do well on tests.

And then if I get past this one, I have two regulatory exams waiting for me … oh, it’s going to be a long summer - and not in a good way.

Anyway, taking a moment here to get my mind off those kinds of things. Besides, I’m sure you guys would prefer to read something a little less mundane. I dug this one from something that I had written a while back on a different site. It’s pretty relevant still, and it wasn’t too long ago that this subject came up again.

Has anyone for the net ever seen you in public? Do you ever meet anyone from on the net?

The first answer I think I might have touched on before. To my knowledge, no one that I didn’t already know has ever said anything to me. Some of my close friends have seen me on here and other sites – but that has usually been because they learned about it from me. I have not had anyone ever approach me in public and say, “Aren’t you Andee?”

Personally, I think it would take a lot of courage to do so … but, then again …

I have been asked a couple times in e-mails if I was at a certain place at a certain time, but neither were actually me. I live in the shadows of a very large city, so it’s relatively easy to not have too many fears about the crossing of my day-to-day life and “Andee.” Of course, it also helps not having that poster hanging in the post office anymore ...

As for the meeting…well, not really. Wishy-washy, I know, but the truth is, reality sucks!

What you all get to see online is the fantasy that my husband and I have created. My day-to-day life is exceptionally boring compared to the online persona of “Andee.” Yes, all the experiences are really mine, but you all don’t get all the parts about doing laundry, running my kids around to various activities, cleaning a dead birds’ nest from my dryer vent, etc. Let’s not even get into all the work that goes into making me look presentable for the pics ;-) Real life isn’t all that glamourous!

The excitement of the Internet and things like this, where I can relive some of our memories through my blog and safely explore exhibitionism and our sexual adventure together is something that we enjoy. It also “condenses” all of the good stuff, you know, so I can find a little escape from the drab and dull reality of being a relatively average person.

Having said that, the possibility of meeting someone – in a controlled situation – seemed like a very exciting idea to me. Which is why through my website we tried a “Meet Me” Auction. The concept was something that another Charm model shared with us; and while she had great success with hers, mine is currently sitting at a “three strikes” point.

The first time never materialized as the winner didn’t come through with his side of the arrangement. The second time was very nice, but nothing close to the original thoughts I had. (Reality is much different). A long-time online friend of mine secured the winning bid, and when we met for the “date” it was a marvelously wonderful evening as all three of us (hubby is included) simply shared a nice dinner, couple of drinks and talked for hours. So while it solidified our friendship beyond the website, it didn’t challenge my plans.

The third and final time wasn’t bad, a bit more intriguing, but still didn’t meet my expectations for why I agreed to try the idea one more time. A failure to understand that the agreement could not be changed “on the fly” and someone’s over-confidence in thinking they could “negotiate in person to bend my rules” left both sides somewhat disappointed.

So now I sit and remain a bit reluctant to try again. There’s still part of me that would like the chance to make the concept work, but for now it remains just that … thoughts.

I know some girls who run little “contests” and such for “dates” and in-person meetings, but I also know that those “meet me” sessions are thinly-veiled escort services - which isn’t even close to what I’m about. And that is probably why my concept has never really taken off; because sex isn’t in the equation.

That said, anyone with some ideas can certainly share them.
Andee     xoxo

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