March 22, 2011

Get Her To Pose For You | Tip #1

A while back I was writing an answer to a question that one of you guys had asked me. It was on how to get your wife/girlfriend to pose for some … um … naughty photos.

At the time I tried to present a pretty good idea that there were a few things that had to be overcome before that would likely happen. But then, after some thought, I figured there was probably a few out there that might actually have a real interest in trying it; maybe not to the extent that my husband and I do, but you know, we didn’t start out thinking we were going to do an adult website.

So, after sitting down with my ‘photographer partner’ I have come up with some basic ideas that will help you along if you really want to get some sexy photo shoots going. Over the next few Tuesdays I’ll present my thoughts and suggestions on what I tend to keep in mind when we shoot. But please keep in mind that we’re just a couple of regular people like you … so all of this is just coming from experience and not any kind of real expertise. I just hope it helps you out, if this is something you and your partner want to try.

Super Sexy: heels & man's shirt
So now she has said “maybe” to letting you take some photos for “personal pleasure only.” Probably the one thing going on in her mind before it moves to the “yes” stage is what would she wear. I know there are other factors before getting to “yes,” and I’ll touch on the biggest one later on. But if she has any comfort with taking it forward, she’s going to be pretty typical - “What do I wear? What do you think is sexy?”

This is someone we all struggle with. Even after some 22,000 photos on my website alone - plus hundreds of others for different things in life - the idea of clothing never gets easy. I’ve tried to present a wide array of looks for my website fans, from “naughty nursery rhyme” characters to as close to the everyday me you can get to pseudo BDSM. I’ve bought costumes off eBay, travelled to lingerie trade shows, sex shops and, thankfully, had some very special guys send me items for updates.

But guys, for the first time … have a plan. Have something in mind that doesn’t come with attachments for the chandelier in the foyer, and try to keep it somewhat “traditional” to ease into the whole thing.

For this kind of photo set, you might think of lingerie as the go to … and there is nothing wrong with that. The traditional stockings and garter belt is a pretty safe concept. In the almost 10 years that I have been doing my website, this look remains as one of the most requested. In fact, back before my husband and I got into the amateur porn for other people’s viewing pleasure, I would wear black stockings and garter belt for those early photo sessions - they were also one of the first pieces of lingerie he bought me.

When I first brought the idea of this series up to him, and about the clothing, the first thing out of his mouth was “one of my dress shirts.” A lot of guys really seem to like this idea, heck there’s rock video after rock video with some sexy chick rolling around a bed in the guy’s dress shirt. Personally, I’m at a loss why you guys find this look sexy - but there is not a single hormone in my body that will complain.

And although I searched high and low for a copy … I honestly think they are in storage somewhere … the very first photo session I did for my guy - before we were married and topless for the first time ever on camera. I was ’barely legal’ and my breasts were amazing. God I wish I had them back … Anyway, for the photos I was in a pair of sexy black jeans, a western-style vest and cowboy hat. I know, very cliché for a small-town farm girl. But guess what? He got me topless for a sexy photo shoot.

Things only got more kinky from there …
Andee     xoxo

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