December 22, 2010

Naughty Thoughs While Riding The Rails

Most mornings when I take the train into work, I hook up with a girlfriend and have someone to chat with. Some mornings we don't start at the same time and it's Not too often do we manage to catch the same train back home at the end of the day. When those days happen it leaves me time to type out my naughty thoughts for this little venture. 

When I first started becoming a 'daily' on the ride in, my hubby bought me a cute little laptop to keep myself occupied. I figure he must have been thinking that I needed a distraction from staring at that Cute Guy I keep mentioning (who has been disappointingly getting way too friendly with some little bottled blonde ... bitch!). Anyway, he suggested it would be a really cool thing to take the hour of clicky-clack to type away from thoughts. As he travels so much himself, itís a good way for him to stay connected with the 'adventurous' side of me. 

He forgets that I'm not much of a writer and am certainly new to the idea of 'writer's block.'

Sometimes I get lucky ... (pause) ... and a good idea will just 'pop' right up! Can you tell I've been feeling more than a little horny lately? I was chatting with my friend yesterday about it; I was telling her about one of the last times I took my husband in my mouth and how afterwards he joked it was an early Christmas present. I said I only wish Christmas was that inexpensive and easy. I swear the guy across the seat was going to blow an oyster in his pants. I love the torment! 

Anyway, today I'm not sure what I have gotten myself into. Not that anything crazy is going on with me, but I'm listening to the conversation that is taking place in the seats directly behind me. I'm getting the sense that these two are either really, really good friends, or are having an affair. From what's being said you can tell that she definitely has someone waiting at home for her every night. And I'm trying to figure out if they are making plans for a post-Christmas rendezvous, or my imagination is completely running wild. But the game is afoot, as Sherlock Holmes would say. (Had to throw that in for the photo opp!) 

Maybe for Christmas Santa will bring me one of those funky little things I see other people plugging in so they can get the Internet on the train. I never even had a cell phone until I started this 'downtown' job, now I'm a texting fool! But then again, I think I'm turning more into a techno geek these days. Scratch that, Santa ... just bring the jewellery and my new boots please! 

I never used to take the train this much, but with the weather turning nasty, my car needing to be replaced and my growing lust for people watching, it has become a bigger part of my career life. Not to mention, it occasionally allows me to fuel my sexual imagination and give my fingers a good workout - but not like yesterday's blog!

If you have ever taken the time to read my drivel on my website or catch me on Twitter and Facebook, you know I'm a big voyeur. People fascinate me. I don't know if it's those university courses in psychology and sociology from my failed 'back to school' experiment, or what. But I really enjoy watching how everyone interacts with those around them, the conversations and personality quirks that emerge from being jammed into a commuter train. I think if I was ever a book writer I would spend hours on the train to find the personalities to build my characters from. 

I often wonder what has brought them to this point in their lives ... are they just commuter lemmings like me, or is there something substantial going on in life. Are they living their dream, or just fulfilling a need? Pretty bizarre thoughts ...

Whatís the craziest thing you have seen or heard on the train/subway/airplane? I'm curious to see if it's just me that is twisted! 


Snake said...

You really are a terrific writer . . .

One . . . I lack both a cell phone and a Facebook page . . . Old school baby!

Two . . . Are they living the dream or just fulfilling a need? Either way, everyone has a fascinating story in their own way . . .

Craziest thing I've seen? A flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis two years ago August . . . A Middle Eastern looking guy in an aisle seat directly across from me, who didn't take his eyes off the flight attendants . . . They were aware of it as well . . . I kept my seatbelt unbuckled just in case somebody had to take him down . . . lol

Andee said...

That is old school Snake!

I agree that everyone has a story behind them, and what it was that led to these points in there lives. I guess that is why I have become a bit of an addicted blogger. It allows me to express a side of my story that would be frowned upon in normal conversation.

Thanks for the comment!