December 23, 2010

Caught On Film

One more work day to go before the Big Guy shows up! Sure hope I get what I have been asking for … I’ve tried very hard to be good in between all the times I was naughty.

Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter M … once again. Or maybe that should be the letter O, because it is the result of a nice bit of M.

Anyway, here's a little something to keep you occupied for a day ;-)

Have you ever watched yourself masturbate in a mirror, or even taped it?

The short answer is yes, and yes … you can see a couple of those moments on my website.

But away from doing it for you guys to enjoy online, I have to say, I’m not really one to watch myself doing anything in particular when it comes to sex for personal pleasure. I’m so much more focused on how things are feeling that I’m afraid if I open my eyes, they’ll pop out! LOL

I watch all of my movies before they get put online for you guys. This is strictly so I can see just what kind of finished product my darling hubby has edited together from the files. For me to watch me; it’s a little strange if I do say so. Which is pretty bizarre, because I do like to watch others enjoy themselves that way as I mentioned the other day – and I don’t mind being watched. I find that quite a turn-on. I’ve really become quite the voyeur as I settle into this sexual adventure and just love the idea of two people who are really into each other getting into each other.

I kind of touched on it earlier, but never really expanded on the idea. There are times, when my husband is trying to send a little message to me, that he will start to play with himself and get his cock really hard. I will just put my head on his tummy and watch. That’s always a huge guarantee that I will be in the mood for some playtime. He also loves to watch me doing the same thing, and also watch me playing with myself.

I guess I just find it more interesting to see other people pleasuring themselves than it is to prop myself up and try to watch my own hand at work. I have “experimented” though. In one of the houses that we used to live in, we had some mirrors on the one bedroom wall. I would always try to position myself so I could get a really nice view of all the activity. And there was a couple of times that my curiosity did get me going. I never understood what my husband’s fascination was with the whole sex toy thing. Most guys I’ve met seem to be afraid of them. So, there I was tying to see what it must be like from his perspective. Didn’t really last too long – it felt just way too good. When I got one with a suction cup, well that was definitely a lot more erotic and exciting, but in the end I again just concentrated on the outcome versus the ‘input.’

When I was first introduced to sex toys for masturbation I wasn’t quite sure what to think. I had just turned 18, starting college and my guy got me one for my birthday. (That sounds weird, but trust me there’s more to the story there …)

I know some women simply won’t even think about using them. My sister, for example, was deeply insulted and offended when her husband bought her one as a little “marriage sparkler.” She was like “Have you ever seen a vibrator?” I didn’t admit that I had, by that time, acquired a growing collection of guaranteed orgasm-makers.

Unlike some, I have found them to be a wonderful addition to my otherwise fairly healthy sex-life. A nice toy can bring all kinds of pleasure to the moment. But, I also know that a lot of guys can be intimidated by them as well, and therefore never truly get to experience something that intimate with their lover. My very first one was a rather unrealistic looking one – and at the time, the whole experience was somewhat nerve-wracking. Well, at least until my first mind-blowing orgasm and the sheer look of delight on my boyfriend’s face! Since then I’ve become quite the connoisseur – that’s what my girlfriends say. I’ve turned a couple of them into Turbo Bunny junkies. (Word of advice guys, with Christmas coming in just one day, if she’s into toys and doesn’t have one of these, get her one…trust me) Over the years, I’ve built up a nice little collection: from a little fingertip vibe that I can just slide on and let my finger do the playing and my mind the wandering to some twisting, pulsing suction-cup beasts that leave me weak in the knees for hours!

Now, as a habit, I’m much more of a lay back and let everything proceed kinda girl. I like to focus on all the great sensations, and feel the pleasure. Even when someone is using my body as a private amusement park during oral or manual stimulation (with the exception of intercourse, of course). A big part of my orgasm is my mind and imagination when it comes to masturbation - which is likely true for most everyone.

But as we have begun a more honest effort at interior decorating at our house, my husband has promised to install mirrors in the bedroom in the very near future! Woohoo!!!

So tell me: is it a big turn on to know if a girl likes to watch herself?

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