December 1, 2010

My Deepest...Darkest

Here it is Wednesday and I think I am still trying to catch up to reality after a crazy weekend ... and as I mentioned earlier, it's just the start of the party season! I went out last night after work and took the leap on a new hairstyle. I promise I'll have some serious photo updates real soon; I just have to find the time to nail down my photographer!

This is another one of those "secret girl knowledge" moments that came up again recently. Actually, it's a subject that my girlfriends and I frequently explore, update and expand on - more out of some wine-induced chatter, but also because I think deep down inside, we want to tease and torment each other while our unsuspecting spouses argue about sports and guy things. 

Hey boys! Pay attention here and you'll never look at us the same! What is your deepest, darkest fantasy. Maybe even one that your husband would only learn about by reading your "secret" blog?

This is a tough one for me. To be honest, I don't really have any real deep and dark secret fantasies. The fantasies that I do have are pretty much right out there; ones we shared online and between us. So to come up with one he doesn't know about, is pretty tough.

Having said that, and wracking my brain my husband and now sounding a little hypocritical - I think there are a few thoughts that I do keep to myself. I know he’s the same, only because I'm not sure people can share every single thought that they have. The big things, and an awful lot of the small stuff, we do share regularly. But I guess there are times when your mind wanders and you find yourself lost in a moment. Is it something that I consider my deepest, darkest fantasy? I don’t think so. It’s just my hormones getting the better of me at the time.

For instance, I work at a large hospital and it is filled with some really cute guys. Ray, the hospital porter, (who I hope doesn’t read my blog) - well, he’s pretty darned hot. I always try to find a way to get in an elevator that he’s in…even if I have to walk back down the stairs to where I was supposed to be going. He’s just one of those kind of guys you just love flirting with…and my, he’s not hard to look at while you’re flirting. He’s just one of those kind of guys that all the girls I work with love flirting with…and we all get that little feigned jealousy when one of us gets the elevator ride before us.

There are times when I wonder what it would be like to drag him into a room at work and get hot and heavy with him. Maybe we would just get into some real heavy kissing…or maybe we’d try to find a way to really get into it. There are times when I see him in the hallway, I just stop and watch his gorgeous ass, and my mind starts to wonder about how the rest of him is built. I’d love to just catch him in an elevator some day and make-out like a couple of horny teenagers and fondle his package.

Given the way he flirts back with me, I think he’d be more than game!

And there is my Cute Guy from the train. Anyone who has followed my Twitter comments has read about my flirtatious fascination with this guy. I suspect he is somewhere around my age, and is so damn gorgeous. I kind of like that I know very little about who he really is, because that way he can be everything in my fantasy. We've only ever smiled at each other (so far) from a respectable distance (for now). I have fantasized about a secret rendezvous with him, something like one of those old black and white films ... late at night, in a darkened shelter while we wait for the train and huddle together against the chill. We move from kissing to a more passionate embrace, where his hands find their way under my work clothes and straight to all the right spots that make me hot and bothered. My skirt gets hiked up to allow him to slip into me as we heat up the platform together. Invested more than a few dollars worth of batteries on this fantasy.

Finally, I'm sure there's one or two of my Office Guys who would love to think I have the same fantasies about them, but sorry fellas, I really do intentionally lead you astray with my constant flirtations ...



H said...

Those are very erotic fantasies,I love the train and black and white imagery........ your sexy

Anonymous said...

Very sexy, makes going to work a lot more fun