December 2, 2010

Dress to Impress ... Me

Hey everyone! I really appreciate you leaving your thoughts and comments behind. It’s nice to know that you are reading - and hopefully enjoying - my blog.

The weekend is on the horizon and I’ve got some big plans again. I think tonight I might be doing some dress shopping (finally). We’ve got a bit of a swanky affair to go to on Saturday and it makes for a good excuse to buy a new one! Besides, I told my husband that I might have a hot date lined up and I need to look like a million bucks! It‘s up to him to figure out if I mean him or another interested party. ;-)

And with the ’party season’ getting underway around here … and the fact that I have been writing a lot lately about my own style and other things, this was something that I thought would make a nice addition …

What’s the sexiest thing a man could wear to attract your attention? 

There are a few different things that I like when it comes to what a guy wears and how he looks in his clothes. Above everything, I like a guy who knows how to dress himself and can put together something that tells me he cares about his appearance. Despite what guys seem to think about what we like in a man, you don’t have to be that GQ cover model. Just show us that you can pick out something that compliments who you are. I really dig guys that have their own sense of style, and know what to wear for different occasions.

Anything with Velcro (unless you’re a Chippendale) is a huge no-no…and that includes Velcro wallets with your favourite sports team logo or some motorcycle flames. It’s nice to have those interests, but it’s a little immature after you’re 16. Shoe me a pair of shoes with Velcro and I’ll show you a guy without a hot date that night. 

I always look at the shoes on a guy. Do they compliment his appearance? Shoes can really tell you a lot about a guy, and what he thinks of himself. Does he wear motorcycle boots, cowboy boots, a pair of Italian loafers, runners? I’m lucky because I married a guy with a footwear fetish, so not only do I get a lot of great shoes, but also I know he’ll always have something fashionable when we go out. It’s the finishing touch on a man. 

These days a lot of the guys I work with have been keeping the suits but ditching the ties. I guess a tie is more of my father's generation - and that's OK. I think a guy in a nice-fitting dark suit, with a crisp with dress shirt is about the hottest thing on the planet when it comes to the office setting. But away from the 9-5 routine, I also happen to like a guy in a nice pair of jeans. One of my favourite hobbies is watching people – and some guys have the nicest asses in a nice pair of well-fitting jeans…YUM 

But to be honest, it’s a turn-on just to find a guy that gives a hoot about his appearance. Have a style and work it…but move beyond slogan t-shirts and high-cut running shoes. 



H said...

Great post.... for the record I have a bit of a shoe fetish myself

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! This is something to take note, guys always wanted to be noticed and lusted after but don't always put in the effort to look their best. This post is a good reminder for me.

Anonymous said...

Clothes are important, but a real sense of confidence that a man wears is very sexy for me.