November 29, 2010

More Sexy @ Work

Hey everyone, this seems to have become a pretty popular subject around here; probably because over the past year I’ve taken to dressing up again at work. Because I work in a medical field, I used to wear typical medical garb all the time – although more for comfort than need.

And if you've been following my Twitter for a while, you know I’ve grown tired of not looking a certain way. I think the way coworkers treat you is part of the way you dress. If you always look frumpy, you’ll get treated like a frump.And as I've migrated into my mid-30s - the sexual prime for a woman - I've been a lot more conscious of my style, attitude and, I suppose, my mannerisms and flirtatious nature.

So out of all that came this question a while back, and I've decided to revisit it here for my blog:

What is your favourite outfit that makes you feel really sexy – at work? 

One of my sure-fire outfits is a particular black shirt I have. It has a zipper at the neck, and fits kind of snug. With the right bra, I know I can really get the looks. I know that sounds vain – and I guess it is, but when you feel like you’re sexy, and other people notice you, it makes you feel better about yourself. At least it does for me.

I match this with a pair of snug black dress pants and a pair of black dress shoes (sometimes with a narrow heel, other times with a more traditional style shoe). If I’m feeling particularly sexy, I might match the top with a really sexy silver skirt I have and a pair of black boots. But I have to be careful not to spend time near the cardiac ward…LOL...OK, truth be told I won't wear the skirt to work because it is just damn short. I like to save it for those occasions when I'm heading out to a club, or a little more upscale place to grab a drink.

Oh, and I know one or two of you many be wondering - yes, all of it goes over quite well at home too!



Bella said...

Oh girl, that is just a HOT outfit! You look great!

H said...

WOW, if you wore that in my office I would be in trouble with HR........ you are so sexy to me, yum