December 5, 2010

How It All Began

Good morning. Sunday here and I'm thinking I should go to church for a change ... but I'm not ready to confess to all the delicious sins I've enjoyed lately! LOL Nothing like that creeping Catholic guilt in the back of my mind. My mom would be proud!

Things have been pretty crazy around here the past couple weekends. My husband's job gets us invited to quite a few great Christmas parties, as I have kind of alluded to in other posts. And being a dutiful wife, I always make sure he has someone on his arm! Not to mention, I love getting all dressed up and slipping on a pair of sexy heels. And the reactions that always creates is one of the best parts of the evening. I once read that by generating a little "sexual competition" in a man's mind helps heighten his desire ... so if I can show him that other men also notice me, then it pretty much guarantees Andee is going to have those heels pointing towards the ceiling at some point in the night!

My Gold Party Dress
Of course, I'm also not too shy with the occasional playful hint that if he's not up for the task, would it be OK for me to bring someone home. It's all in good flirtatious fun; the kind we have often tried to share with our friends as part of our secret for being together for so long. We don't have many hang ups, and pushing those sexual buttons becomes a bit of a game ... and there's usually no losers, if you know what I mean!

Anyway, this is also a bit of an older question that I dug up for this new blog experience of mine.

"I'm pretty open with my wife. I would like for her to explore a bit more. What was it that first made you open to the idea, and whose idea was it? Did your husband 'pressure' you, or was it something like a dare, or are you the type who loves the exposure and the thrill?" 

The whole experience for me began a long time ago, as a bit of a dare. I have always enjoyed being in front of the camera, and even dabbled with some legitimate modelling. So for my husband to want to take a few more risqué pics wasn’t such a big deal. The idea then becomes, what to do with the pics? 

I have always been comfortable with the idea of exhibitionism. While I grew up in a very traditional Catholic family, I was one of those girls who quickly discovered the power behind the school uniform and hemlines. So testing certain limits has been part of my path in life. I've always said life is too short for hang ups, and I tend to enjoy the daring part of it.

As digital cameras made it so much more easy to post, we tried a very tame amateur site first. I had already posed a number of times for my husband's own pleasure - and he had a few of those boudior-type photos enlarged and framed. I would ask him to keep them kind of private when we had some friends over. Once, a girlfriend saw them and commented on how they were sexy and confessed she wished her husband would have the same kind of 'lust' for her.

I was telling my husband about it and as the conversation went on, I admitted that most women have their doubts about their sexual attraction as they get older and get deeper into monogamous relationships. We do wonder if other men have certain thoughts about us. A couple of drinks later, a playful dare and a lot of encouragement from my husband, we were logging on to that amateur site and uploading the first pictures.

I did the no face showing thing, and we got some great comments back. Then we pushed it a little further by showing my face, etc. I have to admit that I got very "addicted" to signing on each day to see what people had to say and what e-mails I would get. I believe we all have a bit of vanity in us, and whether we're really open about it, or very private with our personal insecurities, and for me it was nice to know that there were men out there that were turned on by my pictures.

Eventually someone e-mailed me about doing my own thing, so we went that route and haven’t looked back since. My husband has never “pressured” me to do it. I enjoy doing it and when I no longer enjoy doing it, we’ll stop. The only “pressure” I ever feel is to keep up with regular photo sessions and trying to come up with new and exciting/interesting ideas. I try to encourage the guys that connect with me to share their ideas and desires, so in a way I keep their interest up too.

So really, I love it and hate it at the same time. My career and future employment would be in such jeopardy if anyone knew the whole truth. That kind of puts a little stress into for me, but I love the freedom of being a little exhibitionist. It’s also really good for the ego too…and I love getting to know some of you guys online too. 


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