December 21, 2010

Hands On Experience

Men masturbate. Not exactly a great revelation of a long-guarded secret. And here's even more dish on the whole subject - so do women! Some of us probably more than you realize. Think about it, there's a whole industry built around our diddling habits - and only an occasional device for guys. 

Masturbation, as you recall, was the subject of a recent blog of mine, and the source of this strange mood that has been in the air. When I first started my little hobby, I tried long and hard not to think about what was going on with my photos that were online. Of course, it took about 38 seconds for my veil of innocence to be shattered. I guess, in a small way, I didn't think that there would be men out there that would find my pictures all that inspiring. 

That was almost 10 years ago now. My blogger friend H left a comment saying that I should flattered at my recent discovery. Truth be told, I'm not all that concerned with the incident that led to all of this. I've watched him several times - and sometimes probably without him even knowing I was. I've watched guys on webcam do it for me (OK, now he knows that) and I'm no stranger to porn. There are many moments when I find watching a man's solo love to be a highly erotic moment. 

It's only natural
But in a way, it wasn't the act that set my mind in motion - nor the content to which he was enjoying himself. It was, I suppose, a very real confirmation/reminder that after all these years this is what really happens with my little corner of the web. I would be naive to suggest that it never crossed my mind, it was just that I hadn't purposefully moved it to the front of my brain in quite a long time. I'm OK with the revelation, discovery, heat-of-the-moment, whatever you want to call it. And frankly, it just led to an unexpected and enjoyable diversion for the evening when I should have been sleeping. 

And ... yes ... because I know you are thinking "does it turn you on to think about what guys are doing?" 

I try not to be overly into myself. Even my blog sometimes reads back to me like "Geez, they must think I think I'm all that?" When I don't really. I try very hard to be just as self-depreciating as the next person. This is about the one and only place that I truly dish on my appearance in a very conscious way. To consider that guys (OK, there is a healthy streak in me hoping women too) find my photos that stimulating ... well ... it's kinky in a really pleasant way right now. So maybe I'll just and have a moment to myself, or watch a video or two of my own liking and ... you get the idea ;-) 

If you are one of those that has been reading some of the comments left on my posts, you'll know that I made a deal with one of my follows to swap ... and I want you all to stop by and visit my blogging friend H at Hands In My Pants. I'm kind of new at blog swapping, so be kind, leave him a comment or two and just maybe I'll dish on a more personal kind of swapping in a future entry!



H said...

Great post and for the record I have taking matters into my own hands while looking at pictures of you.... blush..... and to be totally honest I know I will do it agian

Andee said...

LOL ... like the blog says - should I be surprised? ;-)

Thanks for the compliment and the comment. Hope you get some on your vacuum entry too!

Bert Fraser said...

Another great entry. I love your writing Andee. But I think you still need some reassurance about the effect your pix have on us guys. Maybe you could put more on for us to see if they do have that same effect as the ones we already got? Please?