April 23, 2013

TMI Tuesday | The Old College Try

I am one of those people who could live by the mantra "I wish I knew then what I know now." Especially when it comes to the idea of sexual exploration and self-discovery. I have said before that I'm lucky to have met the man who became my husband because he has introduced, encouraged, dared and occasionally pushed me to explore a lot of the naughty thoughts in my head.

So, when I reflect back on those days when I was young, fit and should have been fucking like crazy, I kind of wish my courage was in the same place as it is these days ...

Thanks to our prolific TMI friend virtualsin for this week’s TMI Tuesday … and now, for the good old college try!

1) Have you ever been sexiled? (To be sexiled is to be denied the use of your room, usually dorm room, because someone is having sex there.)
Actually, I was fortunate in that I had my own room when I went away to college. I shared a house with three guys and a female friend - which always made weekends interesting because you never knew what was going to happen. My one male roommate worked at the beer store, another was a disc jockey at a local strip club. For a girl fresh off the farm, it was a very enlightening experience.

Now, that said, I had a boyfriend at the time, so I was probably the one who made the others more uncomfortable with the amount of sex going on than the other way around.

2) Were you ever hit on (propositioned) by a someone in your circle of friends who knew you were in a relationship with someone else?
Yes, more than once...which always left me going "Really?" Of course, nowadays that would make for a hell of a lot more fun!

3) Did you ever date someone for sex only, i.e. in hopes of a 1-night stand?
No, I was involved with the man who became my husband at a relatively young age and we were together when I went away to college. I've never had a traditional one-night stand, although I am terribly curious about them.

4) Were you ever involved in a regrettable sexual incident where alcohol or drugs were involved?
Yes, but probably not as bad as some might have had to deal with. My first experience with anal sex came as a result of drinking way too much one night and agreeing to give it a try. I really wasn't in the right kind of shape to be doing anything quite like that and my ass hurt for a long time after. It was a few years before I was willing to experiment again.

5) Did you ever see a porn movie in an actual movie theater? Did you ever see porn on home movie (8mm) before the age of videotape?
No to both. My first time watching an actual porn movie was on our TV at home. My parents got the early version of satellite television and the package came with the Playboy channels - which my brother absolutely loved for obvious reasons!

6) Did you ever discuss the prowess of a sex partner with a friend? Did the friend also have a history with the same person?
Yes, and no ... I'm a very open person sexually. I don't mind talking about sex; in fact, I kind of enjoy it. But I have not ever had someone in my life that has a history with the same person - with the exception of a couple that we used to dabble sexually with. Both my husband and I have had the delight of exploring her body orally.

BONUS: Many heterosexuals ‘experiment’ in college by having their first same-sex encounter? If you are heterosexual did you have your first same-sex sexual experience in college? Did you like it? What did you do? Are you still hetero-flexible or did you become bisexual?
Bonus question provided by Hedone.
I know I had a lot of curiosities in college, but never had the courage or opportunity to allow them to come out. It was later in life, after I had given birth to my children that I finally began to understand and explore some of the sexual desires in my head.

I just don't know if I can say with complete confidence that I am bisexual. My chances to continually play that way are limited, but my interest and desire is still quite strong. Maybe better described as biselective?
Andee     xoxo

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