April 22, 2013

Sex | One of the Greatest Turn-ons

I've been hanging on to this one for some time now. For a couple reasons, it has always been difficult to finish writing it - mostly because every time I reflect upon it, I feel the need to take a few minutes for myself.

Actual footage from the day in question
The reality is, after you have been married for a long time, there aren't really many opportunities for things to occur outside of that relationship on a sexual level. Add to that, the pressure of societal morals and what other people deem "acceptable behaviour" can often stifle the mood before it can even take hold.

Outside of your current relationship, what moment stands as the greatest sexual turn-on of your life?

Without a doubt, it was a moment when I went to visit my Office Guy in his office. That morning I had woken up and went to get ready for work while my husband was still in bed. I usually set my clothes out ahead of time, so I won't wake him when we are on off-kilter schedules. After my shower, I reached for the dress I had chosen to wear and hanging with it was a pair of stockings and a garterbelt that I had recently received from a friend (which is a different story).

Normally for me, this is way outside of my comfort zone ... but I thought for a moment and figured, what the hell. He had obviously put some naughty thought to an idea overnight and I wasn't going to spoil it for him.

He also had a strong notion that me wearing something like this would result in some serious flirting for me at work with my Office Guy. And then the texts began, asking me at first how it felt to be wearing something different under my dress. Throughout the day, they became a bit more racy and suggestive, until finally he noted that the whole idea was for someone to learn exactly what I was wearing.

It didn't really take an awful lot of encouragement for me to fulfill that part of my husband's 'dare.' I had already spent months involved in a game of sexual torment and teasing with my friend and what I was wearing had already been disclosed as one of his biggest fetishes. The only challenge for me, really, was first to calm my nerves at the reality of letting my Office Guy in on the secret, and finding the right opportunity in which to take the game to a new level.

I asked my friend after lunch when he was going to be in his office because I needed to come see him. He gave me that flirtatious smile that suggested he knew something was going on.

When I was able to slip away from my own department, I went to my friend's office, closed the door behind me and stood so that no one could open it without it bumping me - which would give me a chance to quickly adjust anything necessary. My friend sat and looked at me with a slight smile and questioning look, which quickly turned into a huge ear-to-ear grin as I raised the hem of my dress to reveal the tops of my stockings.

At first he just stared intently, muttering a couple compliments and his surprise that I would do something like that. He came over to me and we kissed, then he ran his hands over my body, feeling the garterbelt and stockings through the fabric of my dress.

As he continued to fondle and caress me, he whispered "You're so fucking sexy" in my ear - hearing that from another man, in that moment, is what ranks as the greatest sexual turn-on for me outside of my current relationship.
Andee     xoxo

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