April 6, 2013

Sex | Sometimes It Can Be Funny

In an effort to get better at keeping up with my routine of connecting with you guys, I went back through a whole bunch of emails and questions I have received over the years to find some inspiration for a blog update. As many of you know - or at least those that ask me naughty questions - I do answer back. But sometimes I like to find something that can be shared on a bigger scale; other than my more than usual rants.

It seems that the deeper I get into this whole adventure, the less time I actually have to pursue the sexier stuff. It's kind of a sad statement, but the more you want to focus on that kind of fun, it seems the more life wants to step in and interfere.

So, today, with a Saturday morning coffee firm in hand, we are going to explore the lighter side of sexual relations with Andee ...

We’ve heard about all the fantasies and passion in your sexual adventure – but what is the funniest thing that has happened to you between the sheets…or anywhere else during sex?

Laughter plays an important role in my sex life almost as much as desire and lust. Laughing together creates a bond that helps move the relationship in a positive direction. For me to be easily and quickly attracted to a man or woman, they must have an amazing sense of humour. Making me laugh outside the bedroom is going to dramatically increase your chances of getting me into the bedroom.

Science has already proven that laughter stimulates the same pleasure zones in the brain as sex, so the connection between bigger laughs and better orgasms is a given. And nothing puts a smile on my face like a really good orgasm. Laughing also means you are letting go of some of your inhibitions - and we all know just how much more fun that can mean between the sheets.

But in terms of laughter during the act ... well, I'm smart enough to know that it better be an intentional, or comical moment. The last thing a girl needs to do is break into a fit of giggles when his underwear hits the floor. That will be a mood killer for sure. Unless, of course, it is the nervous fearful laugh of you saying "Oh my god, you're going to try to fit that massive monster where?"

The one moment that still stands out in my mind happened long before I was married. In college, my boyfriend and I had a long distance relationship, so you can safely assume that whenever he came to visit my roommates wouldn't see me for a couple of days. They might have heard me on a few occasions ...

This one cold winter weekend when my boyfriend stayed over, the house was freezing and I was wearing big thick wool socks in bed; you know, the hand-knit kind from my Grandma that wouldn't fit into a winter boot even if they were greased. As we cuddled and began the foreplay routine, he tried playing "footsie" with me, only to feel the bulky wool on my feet and he said, in keeping with the moment, "Oh, baby, you turn me on."

In the heat of the moment, naked, horny and desperate to feel his naked flesh on mine and in me ... well, I thought it was just hysterical. I was laughing so hard that my roommate actually thought I was crying. The next day she asked if we had broken up or had a big fight. I still giggle about the whole situation today.

Maybe it's silly and a "you had to be there moment" but it's still a great reminder for me today that sex doesn't have to be so serious and laughter can be a huge turn-on.
Andee     xoxo

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