April 15, 2013

Relationships | Promposals Gone ... Stupid

Does anyone else think these "promposals" are getting out of hand? I'm noticing that more and more of these ridiculous things are beginning to surface on the news, which means the season must be upon us where Moms and daughters will spend an excruciating amount of money on a dress that rivals the cost of a mortgage payment.

Sadly, the polite request in the hallway or after school is no longer considered "worthy enough" ... which is odd because I would think actually talking to your intended date would be monumental given how this generation rarely looks up from their cell phone.

Some girls have even said that such elaborate promposals are "good practice" for a guy before for marriage proposals.

Really? How romantic that my husband-to-be would paint our marriage request on the side of the water tower: "Yo Andee, lets gitter dun!"

Although that might be appropriate since the trailer we'd be living in would look out at it.

One young lady I read about phrased it like this: "I think a lot of girls like getting attention and feeling special at the end of their high-school careers."

Give me a break.

You know what makes you special? Your diploma. Because the fact your "Momma" says you're special does you a huge disservice in life. You are not special, you are just like a thousand other little divas who will be in for a massive surprise in the work world.

I believe these outrageous promposal events - and most of them truly are outrageous - create unrealistic expectations. If a young lady is not going to go to prom with you unless you drop the petals from a 1,000 white roses from a helicopter over her backyard while Van Halen belts out a  ballad written specifically for the occasion, then you need to recognize she is HIGH MAINTENANCE.

I don't know why any young woman would want to put that kind of pressure on a potential suitor. And let me tell you ladies, unless you have already earned your serious gold-digger stripes at 17, a man's patience and willingness to go to such great lengths as he gets older? Not so much. I'm pretty sure he'd drop the $450 he'd spend on a limo for you on some high-price blowjob instead.

Interesting stats from a survey of over 12,000 American students conducted by Seventeen magazine:
$175, average cost of a prom dress
$450, cost of renting a limo for four hours
53% of students have 4+ alcoholic drinks
14% of teenage girls have sex on prom night
5% of girls lose their virginity on prom night ...

Another survey by the Center for Disease Control found that the number was closer to 27% for teenage girls losing their virginity on prom night.

I guess, all in all, these young boys are dropping a hell of a lot of cash on what could be skewed to suggest they have, at best, one-in-four odds of getting laid. How the times have changed since my prom days.

Oh, and in case you think I'm being bitter or something like that. I have prom-cred - I was Prom Queen in my senior year - and I asked him to go with me, no bridge banners or stadium jumbotrons involved.
Andee     xoxo

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