October 18, 2012

Andee and a BBC Fantasy

Every now and then, I get an email from someone who is rather curious about what my future sex life might have in store. I've always tried to be an open book about my sex life and my past decade of discovery and exploration. While I have many fantasies – some of which will just never logistically come together – there still isn’t an awful lot that I plan in advance.

I’m not sure if it’s sexual spontaneity or occasional peaks of courage, but most often a great deal of my adventure and experience comes in spurts. I’m sure a lot of it has to deal with the insane schedule I keep offline as well. Sometimes, no matter how much you would like, life just can't be pinned down into a schedule.

The one question that comes my way quite a bit is that of when visitors to my website might see me with some interracial action.

This request leaves me with two possible thoughts:

Being married makes it complicated
Any realistic sexual opportunity for me involves a second party – my husband. I’m not out there to uncover all these wild experiences just for the sake of saying “been there, bought the hotwife anklet.” So, for me to actively seek someone who is going to join us for any kind of encounter, it becomes a complicated situation … especially because I’m not looking to fulfill anything in particular just for the sake of saying I have.

As a couple we have dabbled in the “swinging” lifestyle on a few occasions – with mixed results. It can be rather difficult to find someone who has the appeal to both of us. It's not necessarily the idea that we're both going to dive right into some orgasmic sexual tryst, but there needs to be a level of chemistry between all parties.

So, in short, I'm not out to find a man to have sex with outside of my marriage just for the thrill of having sex with a man outside of my marriage.

I’m all about personality
There are some women out there that seemingly focus on fulfilling their BBC fantasy strictly for the sake of fulfilling a BBC fantasy. Which I’m sure for them is a marvelous experience. But I’m not that kind of woman. Sexual exploration for me needs to be beyond a stereotype and beyond a pop culture porn niche. Going against my twisted sense of sexual morality just to shoot some videos or a few photo sets hasn’t been my traditional routine in my own porn venture.

Any man – or woman for that matter – that we invite into our sex life has to be someone that both my husband and I connect with emotionally. So, in essence, looking for someone who falls into a specific demographic isn't who we are. Looking for someone we can have fun with and share a future "friend with benefits" relationship is far more important.
Andee     xoxo

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