September 6, 2012

Life On The Silver Screen

Around here the celebrity buzz is gaining a lot of steam, with the international film festival set to begin and movie star sightings on the rise. One of the films being featured by Canadian actress/director Sarah Polley is a revealing story about family secrets, and such. The idea behind having your life and family secrets being exposed to the big screen made for some interesting conversation this past weekend with some of my coworkers.

Naturally I was reluctant to reveal too much about the secrets I keep tucked away in my boudoir. Some things are just better left not disclosed to the people I have to face every day.

If your life was turned into a movie, what scene would you be embarrassed to see on the big screen?
Despite what you might think about all the swirling sexual insanity that has become my adventure for the past decade, probably the one thing that would embarrass me the most would be a somewhat realistic recreation of my wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I love being married to my best friend, and life is never boring, but back then I was so young and immature; hardly prepared or mindful of what would lay ahead.

Part of the “romance” is the innocence and naivety, but like those horrible high school photos we all like to hide, what we see is a young bride with a huge misconception of the world. At that age we think we are so much older and prepared for life than we really are. Then as we begin to experience life, all those youthful notions turn into knowledge of how it really is.

Probably the other moment in my life that I would like to rewrite for a much more exciting Hollywood version would be turning the awkwardness of me discovering my bisexuality into a scene that isn’t as close the reality.

It was something I had long mulled over in my mind, but when the opportunity was right there, everything went south … and not in the good way. As you have read on here before, all the curiosity and desire staggered around after she and I both had too much to drink.

What scene would get it an ‘R’ rating?
Oh goodness, to narrow it down ...

Um, as much as I would like to say things have not been a tornado of emotional confusion and sexual torment, but just about any time in the past year I've worn a dress to work. Some days haven’t been all that naughty, but given that the days when I dress up, there are ulterior motives.

And then there is the reality surrounding most of the dates I've had in the past decade. One of the realities of my life is that I am a very sexual and adventurous person, and my shy, conservative persona is less of the truth than what people might think. When my husband and I plan a night out, if it’s not something specific like a family event, we look to explore and excite in whole new ways.

For example, one of the last times we went out, I ended up pressed up against the back of my truck in the dark parking lot having my pussy licked. My husband pushed the hem of my jean skirt up to my waist and knelt between my legs. It was only after a few minutes into the whole moment that we realized there was someone sitting in their truck parked a few spots over. Hopefully they enjoyed the show.

On the way home, I was still so incredibly turned on, so I took matters into my own hands and proceeded to distract my husband by masturbating in the front seat. No worries though, before we got home, we stopped and I gave him a blow job.

Yeah, probably not something that would rank as a PG kind of scene ... but pretty much a typical date for us.
Andee     xoxo

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