August 13, 2012

One Talent That Remains Unknown

Just one more week to go, and then yours truly will be heading out on a much anticipated vacation. I can’t wait. This has definitely been a long, hot summer ... but don’t think I’m complaining about the long and hot part; just that I have not been able to enjoy most of it because I have been holed up at work.

And, of course, this summer also brought us the Olympic Games – where we got to watch a lot of talented athletes fulfill their dreams. From the highs and the lows, there was always something exciting and intriguing happening.

I can’t say I was ever one that had any lofty athletic ambitions. I'm most definitely a pro at chesterfield rugby; I was pretty good at basketball all through school, and later discovered a passion for baseball. I guess I have always been relatively competitive, no matter what focus I have at the time.

So with all that in mind, it seems kind of connected to one of the Formspring questions I received a while back:

What talent do you have that you are embarrassed to admit to?

Well, I have to be honest: you’re not going to see me on Dancing With The Stars or any of the Idol shows anytime soon. Nor will I be signing any autographs following my Oscar-award winning performance in this year’s blockbuster.

My husband (bless his soul) will tell you that my talents lay in two areas: my chosen profession ... and the bedroom. And as such, sharing any insight into my talents that earn me a paycheque isn’t anything to be embarrassed about – which leaves the one area I am sure most of you are much more intrigued by.

Even then, I can’t say that I am particularly embarrassed to admit it – and not that I am especially self-congratulating. Oral sex ... because it's not something you can bring up in conversation a lot.

I’m sure lots of you protest, saying you would love to have a discussion with a woman who loves – and is good at giving – oral sex, but let’s try to keep things in perspective for just a moment. There are very few socially-acceptable situations when the subject can be discussed openly. Not to mention just how it would alter my male friends’ and coworkers’ perspective of me.

And, then there might be some who scoff at the notion, thinking that "really, there's not much that needs to go into a good blow job..." But, with a slight dose of vanity, I know that this is one talent that I truly have. Years ago, as a bit of a lark, I actually went to a course on how to "drive you man wild in bed." A friend, who worked in the media, was attending for an assignment and she wanted someone to come along with her for support and to share the laughs. One of the key components to the workshop was on how to properly drive a man wild with your mouth. I paid extra attention during that part of the day.

To this day my husband says it was the best money he ever spent.
Andee     xoxo

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Jack and Jill said...

Sounds like a very admirable thing in which to be talented! Definitely no reason to be embarrassed about giving great head!